35 Ways to Earn Money as a School Student or Teenager in India

In online, there are many resources to show ways to make money for students. But many ways don’t work for school students & teenagers for many small reasons like not having a driving license etc. So, I decided to list out ways which are best and works perfectly for teenagers.


35 Ways to Earn Money as a School Student or teenager

I am listing out as many ways as I can and also trying to update them with latest and good ones. Not every way may suit your needs, you can select the best one which works for you.

Start Small Businesses

1. Create DIY crafts & sell

Many teenagers are making DIY products with papers and other fancy stuff. If you are good at making such products, you can actually sell them online and make money from it.

All you need is a social media account. You need to promote your products using social media and ask them to msg to deliver. You can deliver to them with the help of E-kart.

Check out Incredibles, this website will help to improve your skills in making DIY products. This website shows methods from low budget to high budget. You can improve the quality and making of the product and improve your business.

You can only deliver products according to your quality and cost. If you are making small Paper DIY products, then you can deliver your products to people in your city.

But you can definitely upgrade your quality and cost to make even better products, which help your products to deliver to even longer distances and cities.

You can even upload your DIY skills on YouTube & make money. With YouTube, you won’t have such restrictions and anyone can make money from YouTube.

2. Start Small Groceries Business

We always need to do something we always love. If you are so much interested in Business, you can start a business like this. You may start any kind of Business, I just gave an idea of one such business which works best in your circle and also easy to start.

You need to contact a dealer to buy products in wholesale. Take the help of Parents or any elders before investing money when you had no experience.

3. Book Tickets for Neighbours & Elders.

You can find many elder people who don’t have great knowledge of Online Booking. But if you do, you can start booking the tickets online for them.

You don’t even need to charge them, as these online booking services give you more rewards and offer if you use them more. Moreover, you don’t need to take this as a special work, you just need to spend a few minutes when they ask you for help.

4. Work at Fast Food Centre.

Fast Food centers in India became so famous. You can work in any fast food center as a part-time job and earn decent income every month.

Update: Working in Fast Food Centre is not a bad thing, you can start working if you are in need with money. It’s not about how you are starting, it’s all about how you are growing day by day.

5. Get a Printing/Photocopy Machine

I can tell you that what students do daily is a project, assignments, etc. you can own your own machine, and look for a particular location for it. That is why I do advise students to engage themselves in part-time jobs before they get into school. So they can be able to meet the needful. Printing from the student portal, etc.

Selling Stuff

6. Selling Old Textbooks & Notebooks

After moving from one class to another, all your textbooks and notebooks become useless. You can donate them to someone or give them to neighbors or relatives. Or you can sell them in the shop which sells second-hand books. Or You can use OLX to sell.

7. Recycle Cans & Plastic Bottles

If you have a lot of plastic bottles and cans in your home as a waste. You can sell them to the shops which buy old plastic stuff.

You can collect bottles from now and make money by selling them.

8. Sell Your Stuff in second-hand Market near your Home or OLX

When you are soo much in need of money, you can sell your own stuff which you use to the second-hand market near your home or on OLX. I generally don’t encourage things like this, it’s always better to ask your patents before doing something like this.

Start doing Services

9. Pet Sitting

Your neighbors or relatives may go to any tour or they need to go somewhere for work. So you can take care of their pet and get paid.

If you are an animal lover, this is the best possible way for you to make money.

10. Car Washing Service

You can start a part-time car washing service or work in a car wash to get a monthly salary.

11. Babysitting & Housesitting

Other than Pet Sitting, you can also do babysitting and house sitting. It’s definitely a tough job than pet sitting. You need to be more careful and more responsible. So think about all of them before taking the responsibility.

12. Become a tutor to your neighbor children

If there any children who are studying in your neighbor houses. You can teach them and get paid for that. To be simple, you need to start a tutor point and teach other children.

13. Complete Other’s Home Works, Projects & Records

You can complete other’s homework and get paid from your classmates. Other than homework, you can also help in their projects and records.

14. Write other’s notes

Definitely, everyone will not complete notes in their class. You can help them by completing their notes and get paid for that.

15. Acting & Dubbing Services in Movies

If you are soo much interested in acting or dubbing. You can definitely start working for it now and earn money.

16. Computer Works

If you are soo good at operating computer, you can help your friends and relatives to build their PC’s and installing software. Clear problems for them. Don’t charge for unnecessary things. Just charge for things which are really problematic.

Don’t charge for all the small things in any of the services. Charge only for things which are really reasonable to charge and really helped them. Also, charge as low as possible because it needs to be like helping and not a business.

Online Ways

17. Design T-shirts and Merchandise

You have definitely seen some shirts where there are random quotes and art like this

You can create these designs and make money. The DreamStore, Souled store are some websites which allow you to upload designs and you can make money when someone buys a shirt of your design.


18. Participate in Online Surveys

Online surveys are recognized as one of the easiest ways to make money online. You just need to participate in the surveys conducted by some survey websites. You get paid once you completed the survey.

Here are some surveys which work great in India. You can sign up to them and receive an E-mail once there is any survey for you. You can even complete them using your phone.


19. Transcription works

There are multiple transcriptions works like data entry, creating subtitles, medical transcription works, etc. You can join them online to make money.

Check out this article to make money by creating subtitles:


20. Participate in Online Quiz

In India, online live trivia quiz games became famous recently. You just to install some quiz apps and participate in the quiz games at certain apps according to each app.

There will be around 10 -12 questions and if you answer all questions correctly, you can win a reasonable amount.


21. Participate in PTC Sites

PTC are sites which pay for clicking on ads. Though you may not earn a lot more, PTC sites are helpful to make money easily.


22. Freelance Jobs

In freelance jobs, you will upload your skills on some freelance websites. And people who need help from you will pay you for your work. So you don’t have a similar job every time and you should be good at the skill you uploaded.

You can upload skills like creating websites, apps, Designing, etc.

Also, you need to participate in the exam conducted by these freelance websites & place your rate fairly to get many offers.

23. Make Money by Playing Games

Making money by playing is fun. I don’t know what will be so much good than this. Here are some games which will pay you for playing games.

In some, they pay you when you win and in some, they pay when you just play them.

24. Make Money by microtasks like downloading apps

There are some apps which pay you for microtasks like downloading apps etc. You need to install these apps and download the apps it suggested. So you get paid for that. The amount of income will not be huge but can be useful as some extra pocket money.

25. Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Unlike many other ways, cryptocurrencies are some ways where you need to invest the cash first. You need to buy the cryptocurrencies which you think the price will rise up. It’s simple like the stock market.

If the price of the currency you bought increases, you can get profit but you will lose the money if the price dropped. So, you need to have a great idea about cryptocurrencies.

26. Do CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action

This is almost similar to affiliate marketing, but you get paid even the customer has not purchased any product. Instead, they need to complete an action like submitting an email address or download a free version of their software, etc.

Except that the rest is the same. You need to promote those links via Blog, Youtube channel or Social media etc.

The more actions happen, the more commission you get with CPA marketing.

27. Earn Money by Reviewing Music

If you love listening to music and can share your review based on your opinion, then this is especially for you.

Individual Music creators, Companies, etc to check their work, they post them on music review sites, You need to listen to them and write a review based on your opinion.

SliceThePie.com, MusicXray.com, MusicResearch.com are some sites where you can review Music.

But you can make money from this technique, but you can increase your pocket money a bit.

28. Online Design Work

If you’re an artist and have a knack for graphic design, you could do online design work for websites and businesses. This could be everything from making small graphics for advertisements to full site redesigns. To get started, check out a site like 99Designs, where you can enter design competitions and if you’re selected as the winner, you get paid

29.Starting a YouTube Channel

We all already know that YouTube makes money, we also see many YouTubers from India making their total livelihood from it.

But they did not make it possible in one day. It took years for them to reach that position. So starting a YouTube channel right when you are studying helps you get some pocket money in college & also works as your profession after years.

Technically starting YouTube channel takes just minutes. Just go to youtube.com and create a channel.

Pro Tip:- Treat your channel as some Brand. Create a Facebook fan page and a twitter account to it. So that it can reach people too quick.  You can also create a website for your brand, which makes your brand more powerful.

You don’t need a high Investment to start a good channel. Concentrate on content and shoot video in a phone camera. Edit them and upload.

Once you have a good amount of subscribers, you can buy a good quality camera and audio system. Later you can buy more from your YouTube Money.

2nd Pro Tip:- Start the channel in only one Niche. Selecting multiple Niche makes hard to rank high on YouTube.
Also, it decreases your subscribers.
For Ex:- If you created a channel on Tech, Dog Care & Health. As a person who loves tech and subscribed to your channel. I don’t like to get notifications about health. This finally ends up unsubscribing your channel.
Go In-depth into one Niche.

30.Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is much easier than YouTube because you can express your content by writing which is definitely an easy process than making videos. But without Quality content, you may not able to come up with Blogging or YouTube.

But unlike YouTube, You need to invest some amount to start a Blog. You should buy a domain & hosting service for your Blog which costs roughly Rs3000 – Rs4000.

Then you can create your site using WordPress & start Writing content in it.

Blogging also takes a long time to get money, even longer than a YouTube channel. So it is also better to start a blog in the college, which can become your profession after years.

Blogging is so similar to YouTube, Where you create content in the text form.

Pro Tip:- Treat your blog as a brand, create social media fan pages to attract the audience. You can also create a YouTube channel to expand your brand.

Whatever you do, you should give more priority to helping your audience than making money. If you do so money will automatically roll into your wallet.

There are multiple ways to earn money from blogging like ads, affiliate, sponsored posts, etc.

2nd Pro Tip:- Select only one Niche which helps your blog to rank better in Search Engines. Which people also like to follow.

31. Launch Online Course

Are you a good teacher? Do you have an area of expertise that you teach or help others in already? You could create an online course around that topic and sell it. Sites like Udemy allow anyone to create an online course and then sell it through their platform. There are courses for everything, so don’t worry if you think that your topic is too obscure.

Ways to Ask Your Parents

Parents will generally give you money. If you are looking for some huge cash, you can ask your parents by the following ways.

32. Ask Money for Good Grades

When you have good grades, ask your parents for the money. They don’t mind giving when you are soo much good at studies. No other way can make them happy than this.

33. Ask after helping in cleaning home

When your mom is cleaning the home, do whatever she says and later ask her some money for the help you have done. She will be convinced of the work.

34. Ask by helping in cooking

Other than Cleaning, Cooking is one of the best ways to ask your mom.

35. Ask by helping in your Father’s or Mother’s Business

If your parents are running a business, you can definitely find a small help which you can do for your family business. The help may be small or big, you can easily convince your parents for the extra pocket money.

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