29 Best Refer & Earn Money apps in India

In all the ways of making money from the online, referring friends is one of the easiest ways.

I have been using apps which helps to earn Paytm cash, Mobikwik, recharge, etc for a really long time. Many of these apps also provide a referral program where they will pay me for referring their app to friends. In fact, most of those apps pay more for the referral program than their main purpose of the app.

So I have researched especially on apps which pay a good amount for referring friends. Apart from these apps where you can earn, I have also found many apps which can be useful in our day to day life also has referral programs which pay a good amount of money for referring.

After a bit of research and using these apps, I have created a list of apps which are trustworthy, User-friendly and also the amount you can earn from these apps are good enough.

So, let’s dive in.

Best Refer & Earn Money Apps in India

1. Google Pay ( Tez )

Comparing to other apps, Google pay has a good referral program, By referring Google Pay app to friends, you and your friend both gets Rs 51.

Google Pay is an app which helps to transfer the amount from your bank to others and vice versa. The best part is, you also get rewards from it. Every time, you transfer the money to someone, you will receive a scratch card, where you can earn up to Rs 1,00,000. But don’t expect more, most of the time you will end getting rewards in 10’s or nothing saying better luck next time.

Anyhow, getting rewarded for transferring money is always a bonus. But you should definitely have a bank account to use this app and even get the referral amount.

The only downside is, when you refer this app to someone, you will only get your referral amount after their first payment. So they need to have a bank account, they should add it and they need to make their first payment from the app. But considering the fact that you and your friend gets Rs 51 which is Rs 102 for referring, these terms are worthy enough.

Amount for referring:- Rs 51

Payment System:- Bank Account

2. Uber

Uber is an app to book cabs & It is a famous app undoubtedly. It has an option called “free trips”, where we can get free rides by referring friends. Though you may not get cash directly to hand, this app can be useful to travel and save money on it.

All you need is Phone number to sign up. Then you can click on Free trips option in the left side menu and share the code to friends who don’t have Uber installed. You and your friend both can get a free ride worth of Rs 25.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 25

Payment System:- Uber ( Can be used for next rides )

3. OLA

OLA is another app to book cabs, bikes, autos, etc. You might have known about it already.

OLA has a refer and earn option on the menu. You can click on that and send the referral code to friends to install. You and your friend get Rs 50 which is Rs 100.

This money will be added to OLA money. You can find that OLA Money option in the menu of the OLA App. You can use that money for any purpose, unlike Uber. You can transfer the money to the bank or someone. You can even recharge, Pay the bills, book tickets, etc. I think you got the point. Though you got the money in the OLA Money, you have the option to use the money where ever you can just like a normal mobile wallet app.

Amount for referring:-  Rs 50

Payment System:- OLA Money ( Money can be transferred to Bank )

4. Goibibo

Goibibo is another famous app to book tickets for buses, trains, flights, hotel rooms, cabs, etc. On Goibibo, you can find an option called Gocash where you can view your cash in Goibibo app. You can get a lot of rewards over there by syncing your contacts, when your contact booked tickets, whenever you book something from the app,  when you upload your profile pic & even when you write reviews. All these rewarded money will be added to GoCash.

And Referring friends is also another way to get rewards. Click on your profile option in the bottom center. Scroll down and select the option “refer and earn”. Share the app and earn Rs 50 instantly and Rs 100 after he/she completes the travel on 1st booking. Your referral friend gets Rs 150 instantly.

Amount from referring:- Rs 150

Payment System:- Goibibo Wallet ( Can be Used to Book Tickets )

5. Make My Trip

Make My Trip is an app to book tickets for travel, rooms, etc. You can plan an entire trip using this app.

You can refer this app to friends and both of them can get Rs 100 each which can be used to book tickets from this app later. You also get an additional Rs 300 if you referral friend books any tickets from Make My Trip app as you are the referral.

Amount for referring:- Rs 100 instantly, Rs 300 after the first booking.

Payment System:- Make My Trip Wallet ( Can be Used Book Tickets )

6. VidMix

Vid Mix is a platform where you can watch free movies, TV Shows, Etc which you can find on Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube for paid. Yes, you can find some ads as it is free, but they were not soo disturbing.

You can share this app with friends and make money too. You get 6 Rs per each referral. The money will be credited in three days. I have checked the app and I have no problem in receiving the money. You can transfer the money to Paytm instantly.

Amount for referring:- Rs 6

Payment System:- Paytm

7. Swiggy

Swiggy is an app to order food online. It is undoubtedly a famous app which also provides refer & earn program.

It pays Rs 100 per referral and you can use that amount in your next orders. But the refer and earn program in Swiggy continuously changes but the offer will be similar to this most of the time.

You can download and open the Swiggy app, log in with your phone number and click on Account in the below menu option. Then click on My Account and then referrals. You can check there the offer which is present right now. You can click on Invite and Earn and start earning.

All this money will be useful in your next orders.

Amount for referring:- Rs 100

Payment System:- Swiggy Wallet ( can be Used to Order Food Later )

8. Meesho

Meesho is an app to start a retail business using WhatsApp without any investment. It is an amazing app & you can earn in thousands by selling clothes, jewelry, electronic products, beauty products, etc every month.

There is also a referral program in Meesho, where you can refer the app to the one who wants to make money. You will get 20% of his first 5 orders, 5% of sales for the next 6 months and then 1% of sales for the next 18 months. There are people who are earning around Rs 70,000 using meesho. So, you can also give a try to make money by becoming a retailer or you can refer the app to the once who wants to make money and get rewards from their sales.

Amount for referring:- Depends on the sales your referral does.

Payment System:- Bank

9. Bulb Smash Game

Bulb Smash is a game you need to consider to earn money.

It is a game like angry bird where you hit bulbs with a catapult. The better you the better you earn. There is no need to invest in the app. You can play right away.

This game also has a referral program where you can earn Rs 19 per each referral. And you can also earn Rs 50 if your referral friend purchased Rs 20 booster in the app. You don’t need to buy the booster but if you buy it will increase your score 20X faster and hence faster earning.

Anyhow, Rs 19 for referring a game which helps to earn money is not a bad deal. And you can transfer that amount Paytm.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 19

Payment System:- Paytm


10. Shopclues

Shopclues is a good e-commerce app to buy clothes, electronics, etc. This app also provides a referral program where it pays 700 CluesBucks which is equal to Rs 700.

You cannot use that money anywhere or transfer it. But you can use that in your next order. In case, you want to buy something online, you can use Shopclues by referring to anyone. And the best part is, the money will be in your wallet instantly.

Amount for referring:- Rs 700 in Shopclues

Payment System:- Shopclues wallet ( You can buy something on Shopclues )


11. CashBoss

CashBoss is another app where you can earn money from installing apps it suggested.

You can find many apps and the apps will be updated every day to give you more apps every day. And you can earn rs 15 from each referral and the money can be transferred to Paytm, so you can use that money wherever you need.

Amount for Referral:- Rs 19

Payment System:- Paytm



12. OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is another famous app to book hotel rooms. And it also has a good referring program. You and your friend both get Rs 500 instantly which can be used to book rooms later. You also get a Rs 350 once he checkout of any hotel he booked.

Which makes Rs 850 for each referral. Though you cannot use that money anywhere, Rs 850 is a massively bigger amount and you can get a lot of rooms to book for free later when you are on any trip.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 500 OYO Cash

Payment System:- OYO Rooms Wallet ( can be Used to Book Rooms Later )


13. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is an app which pays Paytm Cash for doing small tasks in the app. Other than that, you can also earn Rs 5 from referring friends. You can also earn Rs 5 every time your referral makes Rs 40.

Tasks are simple and you can get the amount instantly, so Pocket Money is worth checking.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 5

Payment System:- Paytm

14. Frizza

Frizza is an app which is specially designed to make Paytm Cash.

You can make money by downloading other apps it suggested and by watching videos. Though you earn a lot less by watching videos, the amount you can earn by installing other apps is quite good. Once you reach the amount of Rs 30 you can withdraw the amount to Paytm.

This app also has a referral program where you can earn Rs 5 instantly.

Amount for referral:- Rs 5

Payment System:- Paytm


15. Dream 11

Dream 11 is a famous cricket betting app. Don’t worry, it’s totally legal and the brand ambassador for the app is M.S.Dhoni.

The best about the betting in dream 11 is, you can choose your own team, select 11 members, select your captain and Vice-captain among them and if the players you selected scored well, you get better ranks and hence more money.

You also need to invest in the app to start the tournament. You will get a clear tutorial from the app at the start, so you can get a clear picture.

Now, this app allows you to bet on other sports like Kabaddi and Football.

Coming to the referral program, you and your friend get Rs 100 each after the first match. You can find matches for below Rs 5, so you both can get Rs 195 for referring. You also get half of his entry fees every time he joins in any contest.

Means if he joins in any contest for Rs 30, you instantly get Rs 15 as you are his referral.

Amount for referral:-Rs 15

Payment System:-  Bank, Paytm


16. Phone Pe

Phone Pe is another famous Payment app made by Flipkart which is the biggest E-commerce site in India.

It provides all the features which you expect from a normal payments app like transferring money to contacts, paying bills, etc. But most importantly, it is also famous for its rewards and inbound apps system where it provides rewards for purchasing something online.

You can also find the refer and earn program on the home. The referral program for Phone Pe is soo good and you can earn more than any other app in this list. You will be getting a scratch card for every successful referral and you can earn from Rs 100 to Rs 1000 from that scratch card. Even considering the minimum amount of Rs 100. It is undoubtedly a good deal for referring.

Though Phone Pe has a good referral program, the program changes frequently. So it is hard to show the deal which is present at the time you are reading. But you can expect good referral offers almost every time.

Amount for referral:- RS 100 to Rs 1000 scratch card.

Payment System:- Phone Pe


17. Mouth Shut

MouthShut.com is a review website and they also have an app for it now. You can find reviews for companies, products etc on that website. So you can check it out.

You can also make money by writing reviews for it. Once you write the review, you can earn around 20 MS Coins

You can also share the app with friends and make money from it. You get 10 MS coins if you refer, which are nothing but MouthShut Coins. You can transfer the amount to the bank once you reached 500 Coins.

1 MS Coin = Re 1. So once you reached 500 Coins, you can transfer 500 at once. It’s hard to reach 500 coins only by referring, but you can get if you are also interested to write reviews. Don’t forget that you get Rs 20 worth of coins for 1 review.

Amount for referring:- Rs 10

Payment System:- Bank


18. Taskbucks

Taskbucks is another famous app to make Paytm cash. You get paid for installing apps it suggested. There are a lot of suggesting apps and the amount for each app is also quite good. You can find apps which even pays more than Rs 100 sometimes.

But most importantly, Taskbucks has a very good referral program where you can earn Rs 18 per each referral. If you have referred 2 people in a single day, you get Rs 20 for the second referral. & similarly Rs 25 for the third referral in a day.

Amount for referring:- Rs 18

Payment System:- Paytm


19. Zupee Gold

Zupee is a live tournament online quiz app. You need to pay to participate in the quiz but can earn even though you are the last in the tournament, so there is nothing to lose, which makes me suggest this app. But if you are in higher ranks, you have a lot to earn, you can start with this app by Re 1. So give it a try, you will not regret. But whenever you pay for the tournament, don’t forget to play the tournament on time.

Zupee gold has a good referral program where it pays Rs 10  for each referral.

Amount for referral:- Rs 10

Payment System:- Paytm


20. 4 Fun

4 Fun is a kind of social media app which pays for sharing the posts. Anyhow, the amount you get for the time you spend over there is soo less. And I would suggest to don’t try making money by posting on it.

But the referral program is pretty cool. Where you can earn Rs 7 instantly after the referral.

You can use this referral code and get Rs 50 on sign up. But remember that the minimum redeem value of this app is Rs 200. So that you can only withdraw the amount once you reached Rs 200 mark.

But if you can refer this app to 20 people slowly, you can instantly withdraw the cash. As you can get a high amount at once, I suggest you to try this app.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 7

Payment System:- Paytm


21. Mobile Premier League ( MPL )

MPL is an online live gaming app. You need to participate in the tournament by paying Tokens or cash. You can win extra cash by spin and earn method.

Anyhow, the cash you earned from Spinning cannot be redeemed. You either need to invest that money to play games or bet on Sports.

The money you earned from winning can be redeemed. If you lost the money playing games or in betting, your money cannot come back. Same applies to referral amount.

You get Rs 75 for referring friends. You should invest the money to play live tournament gaming or in betting for sports matches. So that you can withdraw the winning amount.

This entire process is legal and 31% will be deducted from your winning amount of Rs 10,000 or higher as a tax.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 75 as bonus cash

Payment System:- In MPL Bonus Cash, but you can play and redeem them to Paytm

22. Payzapp

PayZapp is an online payments app from HDFC bank. & does all the stuff which normal payment apps do. It also has a referral program where you can earn Rs 25 after referral friend transfers Rs 250 within 30 days.

Mostly it is not such easy to expect your referral friend uses Payzapp to transfer more than Rs 250 within 30 days. But PayZapp as an offer which gives them cashback of Rs 250 for bill payments and recharges for 30 days. So you can recharge your phone or pay some bill this month and get Rs 250 cashback from it. So there may be chances for many people to use PayZapp of Rs 250 transaction within 30 days. Or else your referral friend loses Rs 250 cashback offer and you lose Rs 25 as a referral bonus.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 25

Payment System:- PayZapp

Download Link:- Payzapp

23. RedBus

RedBus is a famous app to book bus tickets online. And they are providing an excellent refer and earn program where you can earn Rs 100 for sharing the app to a friend.

You will only get the amount once referral friend completes his first trip. Your friend gets Rs 100 off and gets 20% cashback up to Rs 150 by using the coupon code FIRST.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 100

Payment System:- RedBus Wallet ( Which Can be Used to Book Tickets )

24. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is an online wallet where you can transfer the money, pay bills, etc. You can refer the app to friends and get Rs 100 super cash when the friend adds Rs 50 in their wallet for the first time.

Super cash is kind of a wallet in Mobikwik which you cant redeem to the bank account. You can buy a scratch card for Rs 10 super cash where you can earn anywhere between Re 1 to Rs 100. If it’s more than Rs 10, it’s okay, but if it is less than Rs 10, it can be considered as a loss.

Because you can use that Super cash everywhere in the Mobikwik app to buy, pay bills, etc. Some categories allow using Super cash for a percent of the payment.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 100 Super cash

Payment System:- Mobikwik Super cash ( can be only used to pay bills, but online from Mobikwik )

25. Qureka

Among the apps where you can earn cash which you can transfer to the bank account or Paytm account, Qureka gives you more money by referring than most of the other apps here.

It is a live quiz app which conducts the quiz in specific timings in a day. There will be 11 questions and you need to answer at least 10 of them correctly. If you answer 1 wrong, you can still continue the quiz, but if you have answered 2 of then wrong, then you will quit the live quiz.

And the price money announced before starting the quiz will be shared by all the winners of the quiz.

But Qureka has the best Referral program comparing to many apps.

By referring to 1 friend, you get Rs 15 cash and also 50% of his earnings in quizzes. So if he earned Rs 100, then you probably get Rs 50.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 15

Payment System:- Paytm

26. Data Buddy

Data Buddy is another app to make Paytm cash by doing small tasks like filling a form, downloading apps, etc.

It also pays Rs 20 per each referral. The best part is, the user interface is soo good in the data buddy.

The only minus with this app is, you need to withdraw your cash within 1 -2 months, or else they will get expired and you cannot claim them. If that is not a big problem for you, Data Buddy can be a wonderful app for you.

Amount for referral:- Rs 20

Payment System:- Paytm


27. benefito

benefito is one of the finest apps to earn Paytm cash. You normally get tasks like installing other apps, but there are 2 other special benefits which most of the apps don’t offer. One is you get cashback while online shopping from big websites like Ajio, big basket, etc. Also, you get coupons from this app to get discounts. The second feature is, you also get some benefits in other apps it suggested. It provides a code, by using it, you can discounts.

It also has a referral program which pays Rs 5 for each referral

Amount for Referring:- Rs 5

Payment System:- Paytm


28. Cashley

Cashley is also another app where you get paid for tasks. The best part is you can find tasks where they will pay you more than Rs 100 sometimes. The referral program of Cashley pays you Rs 10 for each and also pays another Rs 10 if the referral friend redeems the amount in a single day.

Amount for Referring:- Rs 10

Payment System:- Paytm


29. Wynk Music

If you are looking for premium music streaming service, you can get that with Wink Music. you need to pay Rs 50 as a premium for a month. But by referring friends, you get 20 coins, once you reached 50 coins, you can use those coins to get Wynkl Premium or you can use them to recharge your airtel sim.

It also has another option where you can use 130 coins to get 3 months premium. This is one of the best ways to get premium music streaming service for free and the app is from airtel.

Amount for Referring:- 20 coins that can be used to recharge and subscribing to Wynk premium.

Payment System:- You get coins to get Wynk Premium


Apps pay a lot of amount for referring their app to friends.

Some apps allow you to transfer the money to where ever you need & Some apps don’t allow, you need to spend that money only in that app. But consider many of such apps are from big trusted sources & you might need their service at any time.  And all this money you earned from referring friends will be useful then.

So whenever you are suggesting any app to friends or when they are ready to install. Make a habit of sending them your referral link or referral code to install. Whatever that app may be, it may be in this list or not, send the link from your app. You may end up finding amazing referral programs and all that amount will be useful to you later.


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