4 Websites to Make Money Online by Designing T-Shirts in India

We see some quotes and different kinds of designs on T-shirts everywhere. Actually, you can make them too and make a handful of cash.

All you need is a PC/ Laptop, net connection, ideas/ concepts to design and some designing skills. Later you can promote using social media, website, youtube channel etc to make some sales. Don’t worry, the entire process of selling T-shirts online is mentioned below & it is a pretty easy process.

The best part about designing T-shirts is you don’t need to invest a single penny into it, but you can see good profits in the result. But the only thing is, your design should be good enough to buy for customers. All the websites which I am mentioning here are trustworthy and you can start working right now.

I am mentioning 4 websites, just because you can see pro’s and con’s of each website and select your best.
All websites don’t have the same method, some websites are best in the creator’s perspective and some are best in consumer’s perspective.

But never try to start earning from all of them at once. Check out the details of the websites and take your time to decide your favorite website which suits your needs and start working on it.

How to Make Money Online by Designing T-shirts in India

  1. First, you need an Idea or a concept to create a design which gets sales.
    Check out the sites which I mentioned below, you can find some artworks there and you can get some idea of what to create.
    As this is no investment process, though your ideas won’t work at the beginning, there will be no problem. But you can easily get an idea of what works and what not within a few days.
  2. These sites allow the artwork created by any software. There are no specific software objections to you, all they want is a good artwork with an excellent idea. You can use even Ms paint to create an artwork. Better prefer Photoshop or Illustrator to create artworks.
  3. Once you have an idea which is converted into artwork, You can upload it on the website or you can mail them ( depending on the website ). Some websites give you the option to enter your value to sell the product, some sell the product & give your part to you. Some websites pay for the artwork and then try to sell as many products as they can. The entire details of each website are given below.
  4. You can select the colour, style of the T-shirt. & also you can select whether it is for men or women while uploading or mailing it.
  5. Once your shirt is on the website, people can buy it. Website owners do their part to promote it.
  6. But you need to do some promotion to get more sales. You can use social media or you can use a website, youtube if you have one. You can even prefer paid promotion on social media like Facebook ads if you believe your artwork could get sales.
  7. Website team will take care of manufacturing and transporting the product to the customers.
  8. You will get your part monthly or after the campaign depending on the website.

4 Websites to Make Money Online by Designing T-shirts in India.

There is a different system for every website and different business plans. To make some money out of these websites, you need to know mainly about 3 things:-

  1. How to create an account to sell?
  2. What do you need to do to earn money?
  3. How much you can earn?

Indian Sites

1. The Souled Store

This website mainly focused on art. All the products on this website are more art based & look good and cool. Products are so nice that I prefer to buy from this store with no hesitation.


Besides T-shirts, they also sell Boxers, Socks, Mobile Covers, Caps, Badges, Flip Flops, Hoodies, Note Books, Mugs, Stickers, Pins, Posters, Bags etc. You have a lot many options to send artworks and earn money from them.

How to Create an account to sell on The Souled Store?

Creating an account to sell on The Souled Store is so much easy. Go to The Souled Store and enter using Facebook, Google, E-mail ID or Phone Number. This is just like creating an account to buy from the E-commerce store. Once your account is created you can go to profile and click on ” Submit Design “.


What do you need to do to earn money on The Souled Store?

Create your artwork and upload it, give it a name and description and click submit. You cannot set your price, as The Souled Store set the price according to their rules.

They will review the design and approve them. The Souled Store is more on customer-focused site, so you cannot upload the price how much you want or you cannot even upload each and every artwork on the site, they need to review it. Due to this, The Souled Store has more customers & Traffic than any other T-shirt site in India. And once your shirt is on the site, you can estimate some orders.

You need to promote it to get more sales, You will get a royalty every month depending on sales for your artwork.


How much you can earn from The Souled Store?

how much you can earn from The Souled Store is totally dependent on the number of sales you made from your artwork. Your royalty will be paid to you once a month.

The royalty rate will be between 10 – 20 % depending on the product. If your T-shirt which is Rs 499 got 35 sales. And the royalty rate for the T-shirt is 15%. Then you can get Rs 33 for each shirt. As there are 35 sales, you can make up to Rs 1,155. Though you may not make so many sales right now, you will get paid every month when there are sales for your artwork.

Having Multiple artworks on the site, helps you to earn more.

Pro’s for The Souled Store

Con’s for The Souled Store

2.My Dream Store

My Dream Store is so famous that they allowing users slowly. Previous they included an option called create & sell, and anyone can start selling right after clicking on the button. But they made their process slow and accepting users slowly. But there are no eligibility options, you can definitely apply to it, but they take time to open the campaign again.

Unlike The Souled Store, you can launch your T-shirts on the website like campaigns. Meaning, you could launch only for a certain period of time ( For example:- 1 Week ). Later, you can renew the campaign or you can start another campaign. People who buy your shirt online will receive once your campaign is completed.

You can also set your own price here. Dream Store will set a base price for manufacturing, printing, and delivery. You can increase the price amount & the entire amount you added over the base price will be yours.

My Dream Store also has an online designer, where you can design your T-shirt, you can even upload Images to the designer.

How to create an account to sell on My Dream Store?

Search ” My Dream Store Create & Sell ” in Google and click on the first link. Then click on ” Start The Campaign ” option at the top right corner. Log-in to create an account.

Sometimes, you will be not allowed to start a campaign, so you need to wait for some days and try again, which will be the biggest minus to earn from this site. But once you got the approval, you can upload your artwork with the price you need.

What do you need to do to earn money from My Dream Store?

As the stays on the website for a limited time, you need to promote it fast to get more sales. Although you can renew it, it is only possible when you have a minimum number of sales.

Most importantly, you need to have minimum 5 sales per campaign or else your products will not be delivered and you could not make any money out of it. The best part about My Dream Store is it got good traffic and the price is decided by you.

Your price should not be too high as no one will buy it, and it should not be too low because people may think it’s poor quality. Adjust the price in somewhere between.

How much you can earn from My Dream Store?

It’s totally depended on the price you entered and the sales you have made. If the base price is 220/- and you are selling for 299/-. Then you will be making 79/- for each shirt. And if you got 35 sales, then you can make Rs 2,923/-. This is just an example, you can get a lot more if you have a bigger number of sales.

Pro’s for My Dream Store:-

Con’s for My Dream Store:-

Non-Indian Sites

Though these are not Indian websites. They deliver products to India if anyone buys from their website. So it makes no difference for the customer to order from them. Except for the price on those websites will be in dollars.

Customer may face another difference, that there will be no Cash on Delivery like we have on our Indian sites. You can pay with bank, credit, debit etc.

Definitely, customers have a slight problem ordering from Non-Indian sites. But if you are willing to sell them to foreigners, then there will be no issue for your sales.

You can do 3 things:-

  1. You can create a design which gets connected to the US, UK countries
  2. You can sell to Indians, but customers will have no COD options and also currency will be in dollars, which confuses many people.
  3. Or simple use websites which are from India ( mentioned above )

3. Tee Spring

Tee spring is so famous around the world for custom Tshirt printing websites. You can decide your own price, you can submit your design to Teespring without any approval. It’s easy, It has a lot of traffic from all around the world, It has its own designer in the site itself.

How to create an account to sell on Tee Spring?

Click on login and create an account on the Tee spring, then click on start designing.

Then, you will be on a page where many types of products like shoes, phone cases, pillows etc. You can select T-shirt option from them.

Now you can design your T-shirt right in the designer tool given by Tee Spring. You can add images, text and set colors and set your own price and click on continue.


What do you need to do to earn money from Tee Spring?

Use Facebook ads, Facebook Groups, Instagram to get some sales. Check out more about Facebook ads and ad targeting. Create a good design which people buy and you are set to make some sales.

Here are some tips from Shaloka who is an Indian who has been earning money from Tee spring for years.

How much you can earn from Tee Spring?

There are people who are making lakhs of income from Tee Spring. So you could definitely make even some income in the starting. You can even choose this as your career once you are getting a good number of sales.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle is famous for merchandise. Not only T-shirts, but you can also find a lot more in Zazzle.

How to create an account to sell in Zazzle?

Just create an account from the option sign in from the top bar. And click on the option sell on Zazzle

& then select ” sell your art  ” option.


On the site, you can set up your own store.

It’s free to start a store on Zazzle. And, you earn royalty rates that can be anywhere from 5% to 99%.

What do you need to do to earn money from Zazzle?

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer its own designer software, as many other t-shirt selling platforms do – this isn’t ideal if you don’t have your own designs.

you need to design and send the design to Zazzle. Except that the entire process is the same.


Tips to get more sales:-

While all of the above sites do a lot for you when it comes to fulfilling orders, and, to some extent, marketing your products, it’s still best to take a few extra steps yourself to ensure your t-shirt selling venture is a profitable one.

So, we’ve compiled a short list of things you should do to maximize your earnings and make sure that you keep sales coming in:

1. Spread the word on social media

Whether you have a small following that just includes family and friends or a huge, varied following, you should definitely promote your t-shirts on social media.

2. Have a target Niche

Sometimes having a specific niche or even style can really boost the number of sales you make. This is because you can market these more easily.

For example, if you make t-shirts that feature a lot of dog-related designs, then you could market these to groups that love canines on social media groups.


3. Make sure there are paying customers in your niche

After you decide on a niche, you need to make sure that there’s a demand for that type of product.

A quick Google search should help you to decide if there’s a market for the type of designs you want to sell.

4. Create quality designs

The designs you upload don’t have to be super complex. But, they should be good quality – as people won’t pay well for poor artwork.

If you’re not artistically gifted, then consider hiring a designer. You can find designers on sites like UpWork and Elance.

Final thoughts

T-shirts are never going to go out of style.

And, that’s just one of the reasons why selling custom t-shirts can be such a great money-making venture.

So, give out of these site’s a try and there’s a good chance that you‘ll give your income a bit of a boost!

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