60 Small Part-Time Business Ideas for Students in India 2023

Many Students nowadays are willing to make money with all sorts of different works. Some students do some surveys, some students find some Part-Time jobs, etc.

But there is a better alternative to them always. Starting your own business. Because your business may be small in the starting stage, you can make that big day by day and let it grow soo high that any kind of Part-Time or Full-Time Job could not replace your income.

In this Blog Post, I am going to list out many business ideas for students which they work for Part-Time and start with low investment. And more importantly, all these ideas had the potential to become big and replace your job needs.

Small Part-Time Business Ideas for Students in India

As I am listing out ideas for students, I always remember that Students had other important works like studies and time for family, friends, So I have mentioned ideas which can be done even in Part-Time so that you can continue your work with no problem.

Another important thing, I always consider is the Budget, you don’t need to invest a lot into them. Any kind of business, asks for a bit of investment here and them, but I am making sure that these ideas are also budget sensitive.

1. Mobile Repair / Accessories / Recharge

Mobile repair is one of the low investment ways to start a business. India is becoming more and more digital and people buying phones are increasing day-by-day. This business has a lot of future and later could develop to accessories, mobile shop and even a website to buy phones.

And for Recharges and accessories, even though people are moving towards online and but there is still a great market in India to buy offline in the shops.

2. Blogging

Did you know that Blogging is kind of an online Business? You will have all the strategies and planning of your own. And in this online growing world, you could not go wrong with online money making ways. Moreover, Blogging is one of the most successful ways to make money from Online.

All you need to invest in the domain name and hosting which costs from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000. Then you can learn a bit day by day and make start making money. Blogging is also considered as a Passive Income, means you can expect money even after you stopped working.

3. YouTube

YouTube is not different from Blogging, If Blogging is creating content in the text format, In YouTube you need to make that in Video Format.

Unlike Blogging, You can create a YouTube channel for free, but you need to invest in things to make a video. You can always start with what you have when it comes to YouTube. You can take your Smartphone, create the content which will be helpful for people, record and publish. Though you could not make an excellent video technically, having good content is the best thing than those all.

Once you are getting money, you can slowly start investing in it.

4. Online Marketing Service

Digital Marketing is not an easy thing for everyone to do, though people may start Blogging or YouTube channel, they may need to promote it. Businesses are looking to promote their business online as much as possible.

If you invested your time learn digital marketing, you can use those skills to offer digital marketing services to business, blog owners, people who run YouTube channels, etc. As a Digital Marketer, you need to know, how to drive traffic to websites, how to get more views on YouTube channel, how to get more followers on social media pages, how to get more sales on their website, etc. People who are looking for someone like that can contact you.

5. Baby Sitting and Child Care

This business is one of the pleasant and peaceful business if the babies decided to listen to you. Anyhow, could be one of the business where you can find a lot of fun.

As working couples are increasing today, you can help them by babysitting. The investment is soo low for this business, all you need is some toys, carpet, diapers in handy, a small first aid kit. Though everything is provided by the parents, these tools may help you in some bad situations.

You can also make this business big by hiring people and sending them to work. As you had good contacts and customers in any industry, you can always

6. Nursery and Garder Works Business

Start a business which promises customers that you will maintain their nursery or even a garden. When the world becoming soo busy, you can make money by making small things into a business.

This business could be great if you are a person who loves plants.

7. Mobile Garage

Mobile Garage is one of the business India is need of. We got all the services online except for the repair once. Starting a mobile garage, you can send people who repair to the homes and places directly.

If anyone’s car got break down, you can go there with all the tools and solve the problem.

There may be many repair shops, but most of them don’t do such services. People need to go search for the repair shop and get him back. This service would be much better compared to the old one.

8. Pet Shop

Pet Shop can be business which can be done with a good investment or with a less investment. You can start with aquariums and fishes in the starting stage and you had large chances to make that big.

Anyhow, your basic investment will be purchasing a small shop to start with. The only downside is, you need to be careful and maintain the pet’s health.

9. Pet Care

Pet Shop is not only the way if you want to make money with pets. Pet care is a way more budget-friendly way. Similar to babies, people also worry about their pets when they were not there. So you can be pet care and help them.

There are many Animal organizations, they are a serious need for people who can work, you can work there as a part-time to take care of all the pets there. Though working in an organization is kind of a job, if you love pets, that one of the best options available for you.

10. Start an own Bakery

Some businesses around the college are just perfect to start. The bakery is not an exception to it. If you cannot find a good bakery at your place, then you can directly jump into starting a bakery business.

Students have their parties over there, there is a need for even a cake when birthday and no need to say about the consumption of these kinds of food by students. Considering all the facts, if you are ready to invest a bit, bakery business will be great to start as a student near the college.

11. Party Services

People celebrate some moments and wanna make them as parties. You can help them by designing the venue, packing gifts and getting with great ideas which can make the party even more better.

It’s mostly kind of wedding planner, but here you need to be even more creative as people already know many things about the parties and it’s not super hard to make the party like planning a wedding. So you should always come up with different idea and make the party even more wonderful.

12. Address Verification Services

Banks, Loan Providers, Credit Card issuers, Mobile phone companies often need to verify the physical address of the customer to avoid fraud and cheating. So they need to send someone for the verification and this service is one of the most demanded services.

As there are soo fewer people who are doing such jobs, you can provide the service for banks and loan providers to verify the address of the customer. This is again a too low investment service you can start, all you need is a vehicle to travel to customers.

13. Fragrant Candles

These days candles are coming in different shapes rather than a normal stick kind of bars. Actually making candles is so an easy process, you can find all the fragrant oils readily in the market. You can use your creativity to make them in different shapes and sell.

In India, Candles are even useful now, special thanks to festivals and functions. Candles are also used in meditation and relaxation purposes.

14. Post Labeling and Sorting Service

India Post requires all bulk mail to be labeled with addresses and sorted according to the Postal Index Number (PIN) code. Banks, companies listed on the stock market, bulk mailers look for small businesses that can provide this service.

Especially, since they do not need to employ staff for the purpose. You will require a vehicle and some manpower to enter this low investment small business.

15. Unique Food Item

We had many hotels, fast food centers, etc. But most of them don’t seem to offer something different we cannot get from others.

I have recently gone to places and seen some food like Ice Cream Dosa, Mango Butter, etc. I thought they will be not good to eat, they were just marketing gimmicks, but after eating, I came to point that it is one of the best dosa I ever ate, 1 of the best butter I ever drank.

Seriously, Food centers like these will grow up fast when your recipe tastes good. Mostly, these kinds of business work out in cities.

16. Stationery Shop

Another best business which works great near colleges. Books, Pens, Covers, Gift Wrappers, Files, etc. The best part is, it is one of the shop business where the investment is too low.

You need to find the wholesaler who can provide you goods, find a shop for renting and make a business plan of how much profit you can turn over. Spend the expenses according to it.

17. Still / Glamour Photography

Where you can find a lot of people who are interested in photoshoots? Don’t you think that if you love photography, your college is the best and perfect place to start the photography business?

After getting all your essential equipment like camera, lens, decoration stuff, memory cards. Set a rate for your photography? Take Still Photographs and start making money. If you are soo much interested in Photography, this is the best way to start making money right in the college.

Anyhow, you can use your photography talent to take photos of wedding, banner ads, to apply to jobs for models, actors, and actress, matrimony, airlines, etc.

18. Care Giver Service

Several aged people are in hospitals and their sons and grandsons may have a lot of work to get the money for their treatment and to attend their jobs, colleges or schools. And these Care Givers Service is now so much needed and in a great need for India.

You can work on your own or collect a number of people who are interested to work and start a business. You can promote your business in hospitals with the help of compounders and nurses.

19. Computerized Horoscopes

Horoscopes are a great business which is not gonna end in India in the near future. You can feed each and everything into the computer and later you can give entire horoscope details just by knowing the date of birth.

Most people love to take the computerized horoscope right after their child is born and you can have good business with that.

20. Packing services

There are thousands and thousands of businesses who are in great need of packing services. Many businesses need to hire people, especially for packing. By starting a packing services business you can help them to save a lot of money on packing.
Why no there are not many packing services available for these businesses. We can start this packing service by hiring a few people. By contacting a few customers directly who need packing services may help your business a lot

21. Idli and dosa batter

If you are living in India you must definitely know that Idli and dosa are one of the famous food items in India. By selling Idli and dosa batter it helps people a lot of work.
You can start this business by hiring people getting raw materials and getting work done

22. Handicrafts

Selling Handicrafts is one of the fine businesses in India the totally depends upon the creativity and skill of the person if you think you have great skill on making DIY products and handicrafts we can start this business ne and sell your handicrafts.

23. Mushroom harvesting

Mushroom harvesting is a business you can start if you have a few land people choose mushrooms and many other products because they were a bit of easy to harvest than others

24. T-shirt Designing

T-shirt designing is one of the creative business where you can start right from your home. It’s an online business, all you need to know are some designing skills on photoshop and some marketing skills on social media.

There are some websites where you can upload your designs and when someone buy the shirt with your design on it, you get a commission. It is like getting profit for selling shirts without investment, manufacturing, delivering. All you need is some good designs which people can attract to buy.

Other Business Ideas:

  1. Selling Stamps and coins
  2. Freelance Writing
  3. Web Developer
  4. App Developer
  5. Buy and Flip Websites
  6. Resume / Cover Letter Writing Service
  7. Technical Writing
  8. Career Consultancy
  9. Online Tech Support
  10. College Canteen
  11. Mess
  12. Food Truck
  13. Tuition Point
  14. Drop Shipping
  15. Deals & Discounts Service
  16. Affiliate Marketing
  17. Car Washing Service
  18. Selling Personalised Gifts
  19. Make-up and Beauty Service
  20. Tailoring Service
  21. Online Courses
  22. Cleaning Service
  23. T-shirt Printing
  24. Translator
  25. Delivery / Driving Services
  26. Dance / Music School
  27. Sports Coaching
  28. Tour Guide
  29. Fitness Trainer
  30. Short Film Editing Service
  31. Cinematography Works
  32. Selling E-books
  33. Online Tutor
  34. Graphic Designer
  35. Online Store
  36. Start-up

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