24 Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash 2023

There are thousands of apps available online to earn free Paytm cash. These apps generally pay you for downloading apps it suggested, playing games, watching videos, doing small tasks, referring friends, etc. In all of them, I have hand-picked the best apps available which pay well & also has a great track record of paying the amount to people.

I have used many of these kinds of apps and included only the once which I felt good and worth the time we spent on these apps. I will also keep updating this post whenever I find any new trustworthy apps to earn Paytm cash.

So check out the apps below and also suggest apps you know if they are not on this page.

Things to Know Before making Money from Apps

  1. The amount you get from these apps will be around Rs 20 to Rs 100+ per day. If anyone claims that you can earn hundreds and thousands by using apps are just fake and never believe them.
  2. There is something called Minimum Redeem Amount in many apps, which means you cannot withdraw your amount until it reaches that mark. If you have earned Rs 10 and the minimum redeem amount is Rs 20, you cannot withdraw your amount immediately, you need to earn another Rs 10 to withdraw your cash.
  3. Make Sure that KYC is done to your Paytm Wallet before Withdrawing.
  4. Most of these Apps work only when the Sim Card is present on the same phone. So make sure of that.
  5. Try to download and use as many apps as possible, they combined make good earnings.
  6. Most Apps takes time to transfer your amount like 24hrs for their verification purposes, if you are looking for some instant cash immediately, check out this post: Apps for Instant Paytm Cash
  7. Downloading apps from the below links and using referral codes provided below will help both you and me to earn extra cash.

Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash 2023

These are not the apps that pay Paytm cash, these are the best among them.

The first 10 Apps were my favorite apps, later there is no ranking system. All the apps are equally important.

Anyhow,  Let’s Dive in

1. Frizza

Frizza is an app that pays Paytm Cash for downloading apps and completing small tasks like filling the form or verifying E-mail. The amount will be credited into the Frizza wallet right after you completed the task. You can transfer the amount to Paytm Wallet instantly.

The only restriction is you need to complete the first 3 tasks to transfer the amount to Paytm wallet.  The tasks will be always updating giving you new offers every day.

You also get Rs 5 for referring each friend.


  1. Amount for small tasks like downloading apps & filling forms
  2. Get Rs 5 for referring each friend

Minimum Withdraw Amount:-  Rs 20

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Frizza App

Use this link above to get Rs 3 as sign up bonus after completing 1st offer.


2. 4 Fun

4 Fun is a Small Video Community App. You can Make friends, like and all kind of other stuff. But the difference is you can earn cash when you share any video. You get points for sharing and 250 coins will equal to re 1. Believe me, you will definitely not earn more by this.

But there is also a referral program to earn Paytm Cash, where you can earn Rs 7 for each installation. The best part is, you get Rs 50 right after installing the app. But there is one downside too.  The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 200. But if you think you can make it, 4 Fun is the best app to make money.


  1. Get Rs 7 for referring friends
  2. get coins by sharing videos in the app.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 200

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download 4 Fun App


3. Rozdhan

Rozdhan is an app that pays you for sharing posts, playing games and referring friends. You will get paid in coins and all those will automatically convert to cash by tomorrow.

You can redeem all that cash into Paytm once it reaches Rs 200. The best part is you can get Rs 25 right after the signup by using the referral code: 04LCHZ


  1. Get paid for sharing posts, playing games.
  2. Refer this app to friends and earn money
  3. Use the referral code 04LCHZ and get Rs 25 instantly.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 200

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Rozdhan

Use the above link to download and get Rs 25 & Use invite Code ( 04LCHZ ) to get Rs 25 instantly


4. BulbSmash Game

BulbSmash is the game which became popular in very few days after the release. Because it is the first app on the play store which pays you Paytm cash for playing games.

Surprisingly the Game is also good to play. It is like an angry birds game where you need to hit bulbs with a slingshot. The better you play, the better you earn with this game.

And there is also a referral program where you can earn Rs 19 for each referral.


  1. You can earn from playing Bulb Smash Game
  2. You can also earn from referring

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 60

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Bulb Smash Game

Use the above link to download and get Rs 10 joining Bonus


5. Data Buddy

Data Buddy is also one of my famous apps with many downloads on the play store. As normal to other apps, it also pays you Paytm Cash for some small tasks, you can find them right on the homepage. And it also pays Rs 10 per each referral. The best part is, the user interface is soo good in the data buddy.

The only minus with this app is, you need to withdraw your cash within 1 -2 months, or else they will get expired and you cannot claim them. If that is not a big problem for you, Data Buddy can be a wonderful app for you.


  1. Earn Paytm Cash for completing Small Tasks
  2. Earn Rs10 for referral

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 60

Payment Method:- Paytm

Data Buddy App


6. The Panel Station ( Now has few Sign up Issues for New Users )

The Panel Station is a popular survey app on the play store to Earn Paytm Cash. Once you logged in and completed uploading your details which take around 15 minutes, you will start getting surveys, you can complete those surveys and collect coins.

You will be getting around 50 – 500 coins per each survey which translates to Rs 5 – Rs 50. In Panel Station, 10 coins are equal to Re 1.

Most probably, you will be getting surveys which pay you around 200 points. You can redeem your points into cash when you reached 3000 coins which is too easy to get if you complete surveys. The only issue is surveys are little longer and you need to spend 15 – 20 mins per each survey.

Once you reached the minimum redeem limit of 3000 coins, you can withdraw them to your Paytm and get Rs 300.


  1. Complete surveys and earn Paytm Cash

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 300

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download The Panel Station


7. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is also an app that pays Paytm cash for small tasks. The tasks are simple like downloading apps etc. The amount it pays is also good enough comparing to other apps.

But the referral program in the pocket money is not a great one. You get Rs 5 for referring friends. But that will be in the pending list. It will add into your wallet only when your friend installs the first app it suggested. It won’t give much time for that, when your friend installs, the Rs 5 in your wallet may expire.


  1. Pays for completing Small tasks.
  2. Rs 5 for referring. But will be added to your account when he installs 1st App.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 20

Payment Method:-  Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download Pocket Money App

Use the Referral Code ( LPUI8j ) to get Rs 5 instantly after installing the first app.


8. Benefito

benefito are one of the finest apps to earn Paytm cash. You normally get tasks like installing other apps, but there are 2 other special benefits which most of the apps don’t offer. One is you get cashback while online shopping from big websites like Ajio, big basket, etc. Also, you get coupons from this app to get discounts. The second feature is, you also get some benefits in other apps it suggested. It provides a code, by using it, you can discounts.

It also has a referral program which pays Rs 5 for each referral.


  1. Earn Paytm from small tasks.
  2. Get Coupon codes and cashback
  3. Refer to friends and Earn Rs 5

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 30

Payment Method:- Paytm, Mobile and DTH Recharge

Download benefito


9. Lopscoop app

Lopscoop is one of the easiest ways to earn money. All you need to do is reading the blog posts, sharing videos, perform small tasks etc to get free Paytm cash.

You can earn by referring friends & make Rs 5 for every successful installation. Spin the lucky wheel every day to get up to Rs 50

The best part is the minimum redeem amount is Rs1.


  1. You get cash from performing small tasks like Reading Blog posts & share videos.
  2. Rs 5 for each referral.
  3. Spinning the lucky wheel.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 1

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Lopscoop

10. Task Bucks

Taskbucks is a famous app that pays for downloading apps. Maybe Taskbucks has the best referral program among all the other apps. You get paid Rs 18 for each referral. If you refer 2 people on a single day, you get Rs 20 for the second referral. And Rs 25 for the third referral on the same day.

This can be one of my best suggestion apps.


  1. Install Apps and Earn Paytm Cash.
  2. Refer to Friends and Earn Rs 18 per referral.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 20

Payment Method:- Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download TaskBucks App


11. CashBoss

CashBoss is an app that gives rewards for downloading apps it suggested. You can find apps that pay you more than Rs 100 sometimes. And the apps will be changing from time to time and offers you more apps to download and get rewards from it.

CashBoss has a good referral program that pays you Rs 15 per each referral which is great compared to other apps.


  1. It pays for downloading Apps it suggested.
  2. It also pays Rs 15 for each referral.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 35

Payment Method:- Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download CashBoss App


12. Stick Pool Club

Stick Pool Club is one of the amazing games to play and earn Paytm cash. It is a normal 8 ball pool game which is popular, the only difference is, you can play for real money.

You will be given 250 coins at the starting of the game, you can use these coins to play the game and earn more coins. 10 coins is equal to Rs 1. So if you get 200 coins, then you can withdraw Rs 20. The gameplay is soo good and you can earn money real fast if you are interested. You also get coins for referring friends, later you can use these coins to convert and send to Paytm.


  1. Earn Paytm Cash by playing game
  2. Earn by referring friends.

Minimum Withdraw Value:- Rs 2

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Stick Pool Club

Use the above link to download to get Rs 50 as a signup bonus. ( You can redeem this amount, this will help to play the Game )


13. Loco

Loco is a quiz app that is also soo popular when its release. This is a live trivia app, means this app conducts a quiz at a certain time every day and the winners will share the prize amount. There will 10 questions at 2 times a day. The prize amount will be between Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000.

This app became a huge hit and now it also provides many games to play where you can earn from playing. There are many games that you can choose your favorite and play. This is like a gaming contest where you need to rank better than other people to get high prizes.

The sad part is, you don’t get cash for referring friends, instead you get coins which helps you to participate in the game shows.


  1. Earn Money from live quiz every day.
  2. Earn money from playing games

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- No Minimum Amount

Payment Method:- Paytm, Mobikwick

Download Loco


14. Think pe

Think Pe is an app that pays for installing apps it suggested. It pays around Rs 1 to Rs 20 for each app and also pays Rs 5 for referring friends.

Once you reached Rs 75 in your wallet, you can withdraw your cash to Paytm. There is a section that shows that it will pay for gaming, but it is nothing but a Gamezop app where your earnings will go into. so that is not related to this app.


  1. Earn money by downloading apps it suggested.
  2. Rs 5 for referring to friends.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 75

Payment Method:- Paytm


15. Baazi Now

Baazi Now is a combination of 3 Games: BrainBaazi, BingoBaazi, PollBaazi.

BrainBaazi is quiz game similar to Loco, Bingobaazi is a bingo game we all play but we play that online with many people, Pollbaazi is also a quiz but you need to select what many people think is right. If the option you selected is selected by the majority of people, then you are in the Game or you quit.

With the help of the referral program, you can get a free life but not cash.


  1. You can Make money 3 games, BrainBaazi, BingoBaazi, PollBaazi.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 1

Payment Method:- Paytm & other famous E-Wallets

Download Baazi Now


16. U Speak We Pay

U speak We Pay is an amazing app to make money just by speaking. This app provides some sentences, you need to spell the sentence to make money. The money will be automatically credited to your Paytm next day.

This app also provides to choose various languages, so that you can choose the language you are familiar with and start making money. At Present, English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Marati.

You can also refer this app to friends. But you don’t get paid instantly, you get paid for the work they do. For every 10 sentences they complete, you will get Re 1 in your Wallet.


  1. Make Money from speaking sentences provided by App
  2. You Will also get paid for the work done by your referral friends.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 50

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download U Speak We pay


17. Qureka

Qureka is a quiz app like Loco and Baazi Now, but you have 2 live quizzes per day. here you also get 11 questions where you need to answer only 10 of them. But the problem is the prize amount in qureka is less comparing to Loco and Baazi Now.

But Qureka has the best Referral program comparing to many apps.

By referring to 1 friend, you get Rs 15 cash and also 50% of his earnings in quizzes. So if he earned Rs 100, then you probably get Rs 50.


  1. Play live Quizzes and earn money
  2. Refer friends and get Rs 15
  3. Get 50% of your Referral friend earnings.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- No Limit

Payment Method:- Paytm


18. CricPlay

CricPlay is kind of an app like Dream 11 where you choose your team in cricket and you get paid when your team plays well. But unlike Dream 11, You don’t need to invest anything in the app.  You will participate in the contests with the help of coins which you can earn from watching ads, installing apps and referring friends.

The only downside side is, you don’t get cash directly by the referral program, you get coins which help you to participate in contests and earn money.

Unlike other apps in this list, there is no confirmation that you can earn, your team needs to score well so that you get a good rank and win in the contest.


  1. Participate in contests, select your team members and win the prize amount

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 50

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Cricplay


19. One Ad

One Ad is another best app, you should consider for getting Paytm Cash.

Similar to other apps, it pays for playing, referring, etc. But One Ad also pays for opening your phone. One Ad has a lock screen feature, if you use its lock screen instead of the default ones, you will be earning One Ad balance every time you open the phone. needless to say, One Ad places an ad on the lock screen which helps it make money and pays you.

Another best part about One Ad is its referral program, you get paid for referring people like any other app, but One Ad also pays when your referral friend refers to another. If you have a Huge network, One Ad claims it will give around Rs 2,50,000 per month. Keeping all those claims aside, the amount you get paid from One Ad is soo huge.


  1. Using the lock screen provided by One Ad
  2. Playing Games
  3. Refer friends and earn money
  4. Also, get paid when your referral friend refers to another.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 2.5

Payment Method:- Paytm, Bank Transfer, Phone, DTH & Data Card Recharge.

Download One AD


20. Crown it

Crown it is kind of a different app where you need to upload bills from shopping and restaurants. By just uploading those bills, you get tickets to win the prizes like iPhone.

You also get coupon, vouchers and recharge offers by playing games. And finally, you get Paytm cash by completing small surveys.


  1. complete surveys to get Paytm cash
  2. Get coupons and vouchers by playing games
  3. Win Prizes by uploading bills.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Crown it App


21. Yes Mobo

Yes Mobo is an app where you get paid for sharing their ads. In most of the apps, you will get paid for watching ads, but how much time you can watch and how much you can be earning.

In Yes Mobo, you can share ads on Social Media, Websites, etc. So when other people see the ad you shared, you get paid for that. So there will be more views and you have more chances of earning. Do not Spam your ad here and there, make sure you are posting the ad at a place where it will be useful for the people over there.


  1. get Paid for Sharing Ad
  2. Get Rs 1 for referring 2 friends.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 50

Payment Method:- Paytm, Bank Trasfer

Download Yes Mobo App


22. Paisa Wapas

As the name says, Paisa Wapas gives back your paisa.

When you want to shop online on any E-commerce site, you can use this site to go to the site you want to go. Just by making that, you will be getting rewards from this site. The rewards you get will depend on the cost of the item you purchase if you are going to purchase a really costly item, try using Paisa Wapas, it will give you some percent of the amount back to you depending on the site you purchased and cost of the item.

Apart from that, Paisa Wapas shows the latest deals and offers in 300+ trustable online stores. So you can buy products whenever they are available in offers.


  1. Get Cashback rewards for buying products in famous e-commerce stores

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 100

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Paisa Wapas

Use the Referal Code ( BSXOZ ) and get Rs 30 as joining Bonus.


23. Top Quiz

Top Quiz is another Quiz app which has a different method of earning than normal quiz apps. In the top quiz, first you play the normal quizzes available and you earn coins from them. Later you need to participate in contests with coins you earned, the better you participate, the better you earn.

There is also a referral program where you can earn rs 5 per referral.


  1. Play quiz contests and earn money
  2. Refer friends and earn Rs 5

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Payment Method:- Paytm


24. Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold is kind of a live Quiz App, but it has quizzes running all the time of the day. So you can choose the quiz you are interested in and play. The better you rank, the better you earn.

The best thing is this app has an ad-free experience and great usability. And this app also has a referral program where you can earn Rs 20 per each referral.

But there is one minus & that is you need to pay to participate in the quizzes. But the plus point here is, even though you are last and didn’t answer well, your prize will be more than the invested prize.

For example, you have registered in a quiz that needs Rs 20 to join. And the quiz only allows 1000 people to join. Now if you are in the 1000 rank, you will get more than Rs20. You may get Rs 21. So you will not be losing your money unless you answer all the questions wrong.


  1. Play Quiz and Earn Paytm cash
  2. Refer this app to friends and earn Rs 20 per referral.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 35

Payment Method:- Paytm, Mobikwik



Here are the apps that pay Paytm Cash which I have used and liked them. I keep on installing Apps like these and test them out, most of them are not good, some are not trustable, some don’t pay the money, & some apps pay soo less which spending time on them is totally waste. Among all such apps, these apps can be considered the best to earn Paytm cash.

So Which app did you liked the most? mention in the comments…

Ask if you are facing any problem with any of the app… Also, suggest me the apps which I am missing here, I will also test them out too.

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