5 best ways to Make Money Writing Articles online in India

Article writing is one of the highest money-making methods online & one of the easiest to start too. It is nothing but giving information to people by writing.

If you think you can write a simple article like this, you can definitely start making money from it.

With this writing skill, you have multiple ways to make money. Among all of them, I will say you the 5 best ways where you can make more money and also trustworthy.

5 best ways to make money by Writing Articles

1. Write articles on Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are the best place for many people with almost any kind of skill to make money. Writing articles is not an exception. In fact, there are some freelance websites especially for people who want to make money by writing articles.

Among all of them, iWriter stands out for its good prices, easy to use & also best for the Indian Market.

iWriter ( Dedicated Freelance Website for Writers )

After you created an account & logged in, you can see various article topics you can write. You can select the topic which you are interested in and start writing. The person who ordered that post also mentions his needs, so you need to maintain them in order to satisfy him. If your article is accepted by him, you will get paid right away.

You will get paid according to no of words in the article. The person who ordered the article will also mention the no of words. So you need to write an article according to it. The amount you get paid for 2,000-word article will be more than the amount you get paid for a 500-word article.

You also need to know about the writing level. There are 4 levels on iWriter: Standard, Premium, Elite, Elite Plus. At the starting, you will be on the standard level. The amount you get paid for each article will be more when you are on a high level.

If you got paid around $4 for a 500-word article on a standard level, you will get paid around $40 if you are on the Elite level. So, you can say that the money will be increasing upon experience. If you are active and most of your articles are selected by the person who ordered, then you will be moving to next levels more fastly.

Here is the pricing shown on the iWriter website for people who want to get an article from iWriter.

Other than Articles, iWriter also provides various writing opportunities to earn money. You can rewrite articles, you can write blog posts, E-books, Press Releases & even Kindle Books. And the amount you get paid will be according to the words and the type of content you are writing.

On average, you can be earning around Rs 10,000 – Rs 15,000 on a standard level & more than Rs 1,00,000 for an Elite Plus level working around 3 – 5 hours a day.

Freelancer, Upwork ( Most Famous Freelance Websites around the world )

You must have already heard about the Freelancer and Upwork if you are in any freelance field. Article Writing is one of the best ways to make money as a freelancer from these freelance websites.

Sign-up and log-in to these websites. There you can search for people who need articles. You can check the topic of the article, no of words and his other needs and the amount he is willing to pay for that. This is a bidding system. So many people will start bidding for work. So you need to place the price accordingly and bid.

You need to increase your ratings if you have good ratings, people can trust you and also can confirm that you are good at what you do. So they may select you even though you have a bit high price.

You also need to clear some exams and get certificates which can useful for you for your further career. These websites may be hard when you are starting out as you don’t have a good rating, but once you got settled, the amount you get from these websites will be significantly more than many other ways.

2. Getting a Job in your own City

This kind of way is better if you are willing to pursue a  career which gets consistent income every month. Here you normal work at one company to write articles and that company will pay you every month a salary for the work you have contributed.

If you are willing to get income every month without fear of selecting or anything, getting a job can be a great decision.

The amount you get paid is depended on the company, the type, and length of articles they needed and on what you are writing about. As a beginner, you can expect around Rs 10,000 to be a good start.

And most probably you can work right from your home, these are called as virtual assistant jobs.

The only downside is, though you can get a consistent income every month, the amount you get paid is less compared to other option. But there is no guaranty that you can earn money from other options as someone needs to select your article each and every time and your work may get total waste when no one selected your article.

You can search for the Job by Googling ” Online Article Writing Jobs in your City “.

Or you can find them on Classified sites like Naukri, Indeed and OLX.

 3. Build Your Website and make money from Ads & Affiliates.

Normally people hire writers to create content for their websites. So that they can make money from it. So if you are good at content writing, use your content to make money for you.

You can select a Niche (topic) for your website and start writing content. Later you can monetize with ads and affiliates. Affiliates mean promoting other peoples products and getting a commission when some buy the product.

There are even many more ways to make money with your website like sponsored posts, selling your products, Services, etc. having an own website is like online business and the amount you get paid it huge comparing remaining other ways. You can also grow your website like a business and everything will be on your hands with your decisions.

These days creating a website is soo easy like customizing your android phone. There is literally no coding required.

There are 3 major downsides to make money by creating your own blog.

  1. You need to invest in it to buy a domain and hosting which costs less than Rs 5,000 per Year. You can start a website for even Rs 2,000, but selecting a good host and domain will add a slight advantage.
  2. You need to wait for a long time to make money as you need to grow your website first. But consistent work will eventually lead to success.
  3. Other than Writing articles, you must also concentrate on promoting on social media, SEO, Contacting other people in the Industry, etc.

But by leaning day by day and increasing your business, this can even bring out a fortune.

4. Write on Revenue Sharing Websites

There are many people creating websites to make money with their content. Though many sites offer you write on their website, they don’t pay you. All you get is a backlink to your website and a bit of promotion.

But there are some websites where you can write and earn money. They allow you to place an affiliate link and some of them even share their ad revenue with you. So you can use these websites to make money writing articles. The best part is, you get all the benefits of your own website without creating one.

And most importantly, you can just concentrate on writing content and leave all the website maintenance part aside.

Here are some of the best websites which their revenue with you.

1. Hub pages

Hub Pages is really a great website for anyone to start writing in a revenue sharing site. There are all sorts of categories to write about in Hub Pages, so you can choose any niche you want and start writing.

You can just sign up, select the topic you want to write about and start writing. But make sure you are writing with no grammatical mistakes and also write more than 700+ words, which is important to write on Hub Pages. Your article will be approved within 2 days if you have published the article following all these rules.

You can earn from ads as well as affiliates, but you will only receive 60% of ad revenue. Considering the number of traffic we get and their website maintenance, giving them 40% of ad revenue is good enough. Anyhow, all the amount you get from affiliate marketing will be with you.

You also can get stats and analytics of your post which helps you to track how much traffic you are getting and how much you can earn from it. Minimum Payout is $100 which you can easily get in 1 month if you have published around 3 articles. There are people who earn such income just with 1 article, but the more you write, the more chance you have to earn money.

2. Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is an Indian site where you can get a lot of great information about blogging, SEO, WordPress, Make Money Online. And you can also only write about them which is the reason I have placed it in the second place.

Other than that, you can get 100% of your ad revenue, unlike Hub pages. But you need to make sure that you are writing more than 1200+ words if you are willing to write on Shout Me Loud. As Shout Me Loud website has a great ranking value on google and SEO. You will be receiving great traffic and hence great revenue.

If you are good to write about the topics above and willing to write more than  1200+ articles, you can choose to Shout Me Loud as your main preference.

5. Write on Sites that Pay you for Each Article

Unlike Revenue sharing sites, some sites immediately pay you some amount and the amount get through ads and affiliates will be taken by them. This isn’t a negative or positive compared to revenue sharing websites.

In Revenue sharing websites, if you are getting $10 from an article every month, these sites pay you $100 at once. But what if your post is not getting traffic and you are barely making $1 per month from the article. There are a lot of chances that you may not get paid high on revenue sharing websites as every post may not be great and gets lots of traffic. With the help of these sites, you get paid the total amount at once so you don’t need to worry about the amount you gonna get.

On the other hand, you will be missing some long term earning potential from Revenue Sharing Sites. What I prefer is, writing some articles on Revenue Sharing Sites and some on sites that pay me immediately. Maintaining such a balance can help me earn money instantly and also some of my work can be useful for me to earn in the long term.

Here are some of the best sites that pay you to cash immediately for each article.

1. Make Use of

Make Use of is a Tech blog with over 40 million visitors every month. This site provides all kind of tech tutorials, reviews relating to tech. If you feel you have good knowledge of handling phones, computers, etc you can definitely make use of this ” Make Use Of” website.

You need to write a high-quality site so that they can approve your post. But the amount they pay is $50, which is huge for the work we do. Unlike Revenue sharing sites, you will receive money instantly.

2. College Humour

Unlike topics like Tech, Blogging, etc writing on topics like humor will be better and a great way to earn money.

College Humour is so famous website and also has a good subscriber base on Youtube. You can write a post connecting to the people of around 18 – 40 years and get $ 25 per each post instantly.

College Humour pays through PayPal instantly.

3. WOW Women On Writing

If you are female and want to get into a writing career, WOW is an amazing place for you. It allows only women writers to blog about business and freelancing for women. If you are really interested in such a topic, Women On Writing is the way for you to go.

But this site demands you to write more than 3000 words, which is really huge work. But the payment is high too around $150 dollars per each article. And the payment will be done on PayPal.


Normally, when I talk about making money by doing something, I try to show the best way possible. But for writing articles all of these looks like best options for different people.

If you are really looking for a consistent income every month, then the best way for you is to go for the job. But if you are really lack of time and want to write articles occasionally, then go for freelance sites, and sites that pay you immediately for each article. So that you can get paid a good amount at once at a time.

But if you are looking for long term earning potential, you can select writing on a revenue sharing or creating your own website.

I personally prefer creating own website or writing articles on revenue sharing sites and sites that pay for each article simultaneously. As there is a good chance to earn more and also a long term earning.

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