How to Create a Website on Small Budget Within Rs 5,000 in 2023

When starting to create a website, there are 3 main important things to buy.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • SSL certificate

Here, I will show you the best way to buy all of them for 1 year within Rs 5,000. And also explain why you need them and what are their functionalities.

Obviously, there are free ways to create a website but they are not so much reliable.

Here are the differences between the ( Paid ) and ( Free ). WordPress is a Content Management service which offers both Free and Paid Ways. Though starting a website for free looks exciting, it won’t be as good as Paid one.

In this post, I will show a step by step process to create a website within Rs 5,000. & the best thing is, you don’t need to know any kind of coding to create a website in 2019. We have free tools which made the process so simple.

How to create a website within Rs 5,000 in 2023

Before creating a website, There are 3 basic things you need to understand. & those are the domain namehosting & SSL Certificate.

What is Domain Name?

The Domain Name is like an address for your website. For example- is my domain name. is Google’s domain name.

Also, there are many extensions for domains like .com, .in, .org, etc. There are over 800+ domain extensions. & most famous among them is .com. I recommend you to choose .com extension as the main priority.

I choosed .in extension because most of my content is related to India and to be honest .com extension for the name I selected is a bit overpriced which I cannot afford at that time. But .com extension for most of the names will be normal & you can choose .com as your domain extension.

What is hosting?

If the domain name is your website address, hosting is like website’s home. All the data, your posts, images, videos and design of website everything is stored in the hosting server. You don’t need to buy a server and maintain it. You can assign for a hosting service. so, hosting of your data and server maintenance is done by them.

With the help of hosting service, your website can be seen by everyone online.

What is an SSL Certificate?

You might have already seen some websites with the non-secure tag before them like this.

So, you need to get an SSL certificate for it. That will make your site as secured and adds HTTPS before your domain name as a signal of the secured site.

So, if you get a domain name, hosting and SSL certificate, you can get a name for your website, server to host your website to everyone and also secured connection. These are essential costs for any websites in 2019.

So, let’s dive in to get them for less than Rs 5,000

How to Get Domain, Hosting & SSL Certificate for less than RS 5,000.

Buying Domain

To get a domain name for a cheap price, GoDaddy is a wonderful option and you might have already heard about them in ads.

Head over to

Search for your desired Domain name,

Sometimes, it may be so costly than you expected,

Or sometimes, It may show this message.

But don’t worry try for a different domain name.
But remember, search for a .com extension and also use this guide to select a perfect domain.

Once you found your domain, cheap and best,

Click on Add to Cart button,

Now go to Cart,

In the cart,

Go with privacy protection if possible but it’s not compulsory. This hides your information, so you won’t get spam messages.

You can get protection anytime in the future if you need it. So, you can proceed with your present thoughts.

Next, Select no thanks for Hosting, as we are going to use Hostgator which gives the best performance for hosting service & it can handle 20,000 pageviews per day, which is a lot more than many other hosting services.

And select no thanks for creating an email address that matches your domain. We can create our email address that matches our domain for free later.

Which works with Gmail, outlook, etc

So, Its waste to get an email address for money.

Now click on Continue with these options.

Then you will enter in to purchase page,

Install honey extension if you are using chrome browser. It will search and show the best coupon code available.
It will be useful not only for Godaddy but also everywhere where you need to enter the coupon code.

If you installed Honey extension, when you entered into purchase page, this window will pop-up

Then click on apply coupons, then honey will test all the coupons available and suggests you the best saving coupon.

Click on Continue to checkout.

If you did not log in to Godaddy. It will ask you to log in here. Log in or create an account if you don’t have an account in Godaddy.

Adjust the time limit for your registration. You can select right from 1 year to 10 years. Select according to your need and budget.

Here I am selecting 1 year.

This is Total amount before I added the coupon code,

And It is after adding coupon code

Now fill your payment details and billing information, and click on Save.

You will receive an email of the receipt from Godaddy.

Yeh, by this you completed buying your domain. Now you need to buy hosting.

Getting Hosting Service

There are many companies which offer you hosting, Some are cheaper than Hostgator but won’t offer you a good server which is very important to start a website.

Moreover, Hostgator offers a good customer care service which is so much important for hosting service.

To hosting your site on Hostgator, Open HostGator and click on login. If you are new then click on create an account or else login using email id and password if you already have an account.

Then select web hosting > Linux shared hosting
Then select the server location.

If your target audience is from India, then definitely go with the Indian server. But if your audience is overall from the world, then you can take both US or Indian Servers.

Normally, Indian Server costs more than US server. Here I am going with Indian Server as my site content is based on India.

Check out this Infographic to get a clear understanding of why the US server is not good if you have more Indian audience.

After selecting the server location ( I am selecting Indian Server because my target audience is Indians ), you can find 4 plans.

  • Starter Plan
  • Hatchling plan
  • baby plan
  • business plan

Indian Server Prices

US Server Prices

Go for a starter plan, as your website is in just in starting stage. We can upgrade it later.

The default time will be 5 years. But we don’t need a starter plan for that long. So select 6months or 1 year. Go with 1 year.

After that period, we can upgrade to the next versions according to our growth.

Then click on buy now

Then pop-up arrises asking you,

Click on yes

Enter your domain name which we have brought from GoDaddy

Don’t select any of these options. As we are going to use WordPress, we can get all of them later for free.

Then click on continue.

This is payment when I selected hosting with Indian Server.

If you are using US server, you will make around.

click on continue and complete the payment process.

Then you will enter into a page saying congratulations and shows you the receipt.
You will also get an email of this receipt.

Getting an SSL Certificate

In the starter plan of Hostgator, you get a free SSL certificate. So you don’t need to pay any extra money for the SSL Certificate.

You have successfully purchased your domain, hosting& SSL Certificate. Now you need to combine them.

Setting up Domain & Hosting

Open the Hostgator>My account on the top right corner.

In the manage orders section, select list/search order.

You can find your domain name listed there similarly like this.

Click on your domain name,

You will enter into a page saying your domain is not registered with us.

Ignore it and scroll down to single domain Linux hosting section,

Select Nameserver details, Then a window pops-up showing you 2 options.

  1. Configuring Nameservers
  2. Changing records

Keep this tab aside.

Open a new tab and open Godaddy > My products

You can find your domains listed in the domains section. Click on DNS

Then in the nameserver section, click on change

Select custom for choosing your nameserver type,

Copy the nameservers from Hostgator and paste then in Godaddy. So that they can link each other

Now click on save.

Setting up an SSL Certificate for your Website

This SSL Certificate will not force your website to secure, you need to force it.

Now in single domain Linux hosting, Open manage web hosting.

It will Open cPanel. Then select SSL/TLS Status in Security section.

Then click on AutoRun SSL. It will take a minute and your website will be getting an SSL certificate.

If your site is still not showing secured, don’t worry, you can make that secured when setting up Content Management System.

Setting up Content Management System ( CMS )

( Content Management System helps you to design, manage, write posts and everything without the need for coding. )

In the cPanel, check for Softaculous Apps Installer.

Here you can install which Content Management System is best for you.

I recommend you to install WordPress

Click on custom install. Then you have to enter all your desired settings.

IMP Note: In the directory,
The default setting is “WP”.
Change it to blank, I mean nothing.

If the setting is WP, then your site home will be but we need our home on

Once you installed your WordPress, Now You can edit your site using WordPress.
And can make your site better looking.

A Quick Recap

By now, you have got a website with the domain, Hosting & SSL Certificate.

Domain for 1 year – Rs 601/- with domain protection included.

Hosting for 1 Year –

  • Indian Server:- Rs 4,105/- with SSL Certificate Included
  • US Server:- Rs 2,905/- with SSL Certificate Included

Overall, it takes only Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 to create a website without compromising on Performance and security.

Definitely, you can find even cheaper ways online, but I tried not to compromise on site’s performance, speed and security, which are basic for any website.

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