17 best Survey Sites to Earn Money Online in India

Want to make money while traveling on the bus, binge-watching TV series or when laughing out while watching serials with your mom? Then Online survey sites are your perfect partner. Earning money from paid survey sites in one of the easiest ways to make money online. And the best part is, they are free and you can start making money right away.

If you think you can answer simple survey questions, you can definitely make money from these sites.

In this article, I will show how you can start earning money from the survey sites and also give you a list of best survey sites that pay you better for your work.

Before getting into making money part. Let’s know what survey sites are and why do they pay money?


What are Online Survey Sites & Why do they Pay money?

Many companies may want to know what people are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with the customers. They pay money to these survey sites & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey.

You might be thinking, why companies pay just for surveys?
Because no one will waste their time just to improve some one’s Business. So companies take some honest reviews from you in return for money. Spending Money on surveys helps them not to make investments in projects which people are not interested in.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering surveys.

What do they ask in surveys?

Needless to say, questions from these sites are a way too easy to answer.
Here are some example questions from the survey sites:-

  1. Do you have a credit card?
  2. Are you a Male/Female?
  3. Do you use Google/Bing?
  4. Which  ToothPaste do you use?
  5. Would you prefer a Samsung phone to buy?
  6. How often you travel on an airplane?
  7. What do you prefer most when renting an apartment? etc

I think you got the point.

Either the questions will be like yes/no, or will have 4-5 options to pick from.

Some surveys are small and some are big like 20 mins +, but they pay you accordingly to it and they also mention the time before starting the survey. so you can start a survey when you have sufficient time for it.

Things to know before Joining Survey Sites

  1. There are many fake Survey Sites out there, they don’t pay for your work. These sites don’t have any relation with companies, they just conduct surveys and place ads beside them so that they can earn money. So check the sites whether they are legit or not before joining.
  2. Survey sites don’t ask any money to start. They all are free of cost. If any sites asked to Pay money, it is undoubtedly a fake survey site. Survey sites make money from companies, not from the people.
  3. Don’t create multiple fake accounts to earn more from these sites. These sites need honest opinions so that it will be useful for them, faking them will eventually block all your accounts.
  4. Don’t even use VPNs when using these sites. Using a VPN is a signal that you are faking, it may lead to blocking of your account.
  5. First, you need to complete some profile surveys as these sites need to know about you. So that they can send the surveys which are related to you.
  6. All surveys you receive are not for you, if you are not the person they are looking for, you will be screened out of the survey and you will not receive the money. This will be more on the starting stages as these sites don’t know more about you. When you complete surveys and answer many of their questions, they can know more and provide you only the surveys which are meant for you.
  7. Don’t believe any claims on the Internet that they are earning thousands and thousands from these survey sites. I am not saying they are faking, they earn from referring people on the internet. They invest in websites, youtube channels and on other online promotions. They are working on them as a full-time job. So it can be possible for them.

But for a normal one who is busy with his other works, it won’t be such easy.

But you can earn from $10 – $50 per month from each site. Which is from Rs 700 to Rs 3500. Which is not at all a low amount considering you only work from 10 – 20 mins in a day on the site.

The more survey sites you join, the more surveys you can complete and the more you can earn. But you don’t need to join in every site possible, Select even 3 of them to see good earning at the end of the month.

Requirements to Join Survey Sites

Requirements to join these sites are just the minor and most basic once. But they are a must & should.

  1. Obviously, you need a PC, Laptop or Mobile
  2. E-Mail Account to login in.
  3. A Bank account to receive money. You can start earning without the bank account, but you need one when you want to withdraw money. There are few sites which support Paytm, you can use those sites without any bank account.
  4. Online Wallets like PayPal, Payza. As most of these sites are international, most don’t offer Paytm, PhonePe, etc. But you can create accounts in them within minutes. So no worries. Anyhow, there are few sites which pay through Paytm
  5. You also need a PAN card to create an account in PayPal like services.

But to start earning, all you just need is a device and mail ID. You can get the reaming later when you want to withdraw the amount.

How to Start Earning from Survey Sites?

There are “N” number of survey sites available on the Internet. Each survey site has its own specialty and each survey from those sites has different rates according to the company which conducted that survey.

You need to create an account and log-in to those survey sites. After logging in, there are some profile surveys for you to complete, which asks most basic questions like your age, marital status, education, job, business or studying, salary, etc. By answering these surveys, sites can know more about you & provide you surveys that are relating to you. So that you don’t need to answer for surveys which you don’t know or care about.

The only problem is, there are also fake sites which don’t pay, and there are many sites which pay so much less compared to the time and work we are investing in it, it is too hard to earn from these sites.

I am listing some best survey sites which pay you a good amount for answering surveys.

Best Survey Sites to Start Making Money

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most famous websites to earn money & will always be my most recommended survey site. In Swagbucks, you earn points for completing surveys and later you need to convert them into cash.

Here, Points are called as SB & 100SB = $1

And for each survey you complete, you get 40 -120 SB. And normally there will be 4 -5 surveys conducted per each day. Calculating, you are earning an average of 60 SB for 4 surveys every day, you get 240 SB per day. Let’s say you left some surveys with your work and lack of time and you earned only 200 SB per day.

Which makes 6000SB Per month. As you can only withdraw 5000 SB according to the plans to withdraw.


You can make a $50 per month which is around Rs 3,500 just from surveys which just takes around 15 – 30 mins every day.

And there are 14 other ways to earn from Swagbucks like Participating in Daily Polls, Installing apps on phone, Playing Games, etc which can even raise your earnings on this site.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $50

Refer & Earn:- 10% of his earning for life time. 

Payment Options:- PayPal, Flipkart & Amazon Gift Cards. 

2. ySense

Let me say it of first…… this is not called to be a survey site in the first place but it is one of the websites which pays you for participating in surveys.

You get 3 -5 surveys every day from this site and each survey pays about $0.50 to $1. Let’s say you are having 4 surveys from this site which pays $0.50 on an average.

You can get $2 per day. taking all the facts and problems into consideration you can earn a Min of $30 to $60 just from the surveys on this website. All you need is spend 1/2 an hour on this site every day to express your opinions.

With Swagbucks and ySense, you can earn $100 per month just by completing surveys on these sites. In the first and second months, you will get screened out of many surveys which will decrease your earnings a lot. But when the survey panel knows you and sends only the surveys which are related to you, there will be soo less screened outs in the surveys.

So don’t worry if you got screened out of the surveys in middle at the starting. It takes 4 -5 weeks to get normal.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $30 – $60 from Surveys 

Refer & Earn:- $0.10 or $0.30 instantly & 20% of his life time earnings

Payment Options:- PayPal, Skrill

3. Cinchbucks

This is a website that is soo much related to Swagbucks. But the difference is it is an Indian site and also offers Paytm as Payment System. This is the only website in this list that offers Paytm as a Payment System.

And that is the main reason I like to recommend this site in my top 10 list.

It also pays points after competing surveys just like Swagbuck. Here in Cinchbucks, they are called as CB.

100 CB = $1. Once you reached 1000 CB, you can transfer $10 into your Paytm account. But in Cinchbucks, you get only 10 CB for some Surveys and there are surveys where you can earn more than 500 CB. So it’s hard to say how many points you can get from each survey.

But on average you can earn around $10 -$30 per month using Cinchbucks.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $10 -$30

Refer & Earn:- 20% of his life time earnings

Payment Options:-  Paytm, PayPal, Amazon & Flipkart GiftCards

4. Prize Rebel

Prize rebel is an awesome Survey Site. If you want to spend more time and earn a maximum, this is undoubtedly the best survey site for you.

You get points after completing the surveys and you can convert them while withdrawing. 100 points are equal to 1$. And you get 50 – 200 points for 1 survey on Prize rebel. Each Survey Takes up to 15 -20 mins. & you can expect 3 -7 surveys on Prize rebel.

Let’s say you are getting 5 surveys every day, you can get an average of $5 per day. which means you can make up to $150 which is Rs 10,000 per month using Prize Rebel.

But you need to be spending around 2 – 3 hours on this site every day.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $50 – $150 

Refer & Earn:- 15% of his life time earnings

Payment Options:- PayPal

5. Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is kind of a complete opposite to prize rebel.

Prize rebel is amount to spend more time, take big surveys and earn huge cash. Whereas Paid Viewpoint is about completing short surveys which take around 1 minute.

You will earn around $0.03 to $0.1 for each survey. Which may look smaller, but you will earn from Rs 2 to Rs 7 per each survey which takes around 1 minute. There is a thing called Trait score which will be increasing while you answering surveys. Once you reached 9000 points in the trait score, the amount for each survey will be improved and you will start receiving Premium surveys.

This is like a trust factor in PaidViewpoint. If you answer all the surveys honestly, your score will slowly improve and you get access to premium surveys. These premium surveys are also around 1 minute of time but you can earn from Rs 10 – Rs 50 per each survey.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Around $20 

Refer & Earn:- 20% of his earnings until it reaches $25 per each referral. 

Payment Options:- PayPal

6. MindSwarms

MindSwarms is a survey site which is soo much different to any of the site here in this list and it is also high paying site than any of the site in this list.

There are many survey sites, where you need to answer some survey questions. But Mindswarms is a rare survey site where you need to make a video answering survey questions. Though making a video is a bit harder than answering some survey questions, your effort is worthy as they pay $50 for one survey.

There are 2 kinds of surveys where there are 7 questions and 1 question. The survey with 7 questions pays you $50 around and the survey with 1 question pays around $10.

Estimated Earnings per Month:-  $100 – $500 

Refer & Earn:- No referal Program 

Payment Options:- PayPal

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards are surveys conducted by Google & it is an app. Coming straight to the point, you cannot earn cash from this app.

But you can earn Google Play Balance which can be helpful for you spend on Google Play Store. You can buy any paid apps or some books or movies from the store.

And you hardly get Surveys from Google Opinion Rewards, you are lucky if you got 10 surveys in a month. Normally you can except 0 – 5 surveys. Each surveys takes less than a minute. And pays from Rs 3 – Rs 100. Earning such an amount for 1 minute is good enough. Just install the app and complete the survey whenever you receive the notification. You can install paid apps with the help of this app.

Though it can’t do many things, this is the app from Google which is different and really useful if you are interested to download Paid apps.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $1 -$10 

Refer & Earn:- No referral Program 

Payment Options:- Google Play cash 

8. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a site that just provides normal surveys to complete as that you can earn money from it.

But the small difference, you only get 3 – 15 surveys every month. That is not even a 1 survey every day. But there is a huge plus point in this, that it pays $3 – $20 per each survey and each survey takes like 5 mins to 30 mins. The more time the survey is the more you earn.

It is kind of a Prize Rebel, but you get a lot fewer surveys and even more big surveys with Survey Savvy. You also earn a bit more than surveys from Prize Rebel on Survey Savvy.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Around $50

Refer & Earn:- You will get paid for your referrals and when your referral friend refers to anyone, you also get paid for that. 

Payment Options:- Gift cards, Check Via mail. 

9. NeoBux

NeoBux is also not a survey site like ySense, it is a PTC site where you can view ads and earn money. But earning from surveys is also an option on this site and it is great.

If you are willing to get more ways to earn from the site, & just not from surveys, NeoBux is the site you should use.

You get 10’s of surveys every day and can earn around $1 per each survey.

You also have other options to earn from NeoBux like Mini Jobs, Playing games, etc…

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Around $30 

Refer & Earn:- 25% of his earnings

Payment Options:- PayPal

10. Panel Station

Panel Station is an Indian which pays Paytm cash for completing surveys.

More than the website version, I prefer the mobile app. It is a lot more cleaner and works great. You get surveys like any other site and also earn in a similar range.

But the plus point here is you can withdraw the cash to Paytm.

You earn from 100 – 5000 points for each survey and 10 points are equal to Re 1. So you can earn Rs 10 to Rs 500 per each survey and you get around 2- 4 surveys per week.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Rs 500 – Rs 5,000

Refer & Earn:- Rs 50 per each referral 

Payment Options:- Paytm 

Apply Referral Code  to get 500 coins as a sign-up bonus.

11. Toluna

Toluna is a famous survey site, but that couldn’t make this site into my favorites. Yes, it’s legit and pays in time. But the amount you get is soo less. You will get points for completing surveys and you can convert them while withdrawing.

You earn 100 – 2000 points for each survey and you can expect a couple of surveys every day. But the problem is, you only get 500 Rs for 51,000 points.

It easily takes a month to reach or even more than that. And the surveys are big enough that you need to spend at least 15 mins to 30 mins every day. For spending such amount of time, you can earn more than Rs 5,000 from the Prize Rebel.

But none the less, Toluna is a great site that has clean UI and trust to participate.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Rs 500

Refer & Earn:- 500 points per each friend

Payment Options:- PayPal

12. View Fruit India

View Fruit is an amazing survey site and it soo much optimized for the Indian market.

The first thing I love about View Fruit is their dashboard and user interface. And in View Fruit, 500 points are equal to $1 and you get an average of 250 points per each survey.

Once you completed the profile surveys, you will start receiving a lot of surveys. on average, you can get 4 surveys per each day. and can earn $2 per each day. you can get more than $50 per month if you work on this regularly.

The only down part is the surveys are too big that take around 15 mins of time.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $50

Refer & Earn:- 10% bonus points 

Payment Options:- PayPal

13.  Rakuten Insight Surveys

Rakuten is a survey site that pays in points like some other sites in this list. You get 20 to 100 points per each survey. Mostly you receive 20 – 50 points.

1 point is equal to 1 Re.

The best part is you can withdraw that cash into Paytm when it reaches 100 points. You may normally get 3 -5 surveys every day and can earn around Rs 3,000 per month.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Rs 3,000

Refer & Earn:- No referral program 

Payment Options:- Paytm

14. You Gov

Surveys from You Gov takes around 20 – 30 mins to complete and can earn from 50 to 500 points for each survey depending on the length.

Once you have reached 5000 points you can withdraw Rs 3,600 to Paytm. You may receive 1 -2 surveys every day. Sometimes even more than that. You Gov conducts only quality surveys that pay a lot.

And the best part is, they also show you the results came from the survey, so you can also know the result of survey you have participated which is quite amazing.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Rs 3,000

Refer & Earn:- 

Payment Options:- PayPal

15. Opinion World

The surveys in the opinion world are 15 – 20 mins long and you get surveys every day. you normally get around 2 surveys per day. And each pays 10 – 100 points depending on the time of the survey.

In opinion World 1 point is equal to Re 1.

So you earn more than Rs 2,500 per month. But the downside of the Opinion World is, you can only get gift cards, you can not withdraw the money.

But you have options like Flipkart, Amazon, Shoppers Stop, etc. So you can save money though you cannot earn. If getting gift cards is ok for you, then you can try Opinion World.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- Rs 25,000

Refer & Earn:- No Referral Program 

Payment Options:- Flipkart, Amazon, CCD, Shoppers Stop, etc Gift Cards

Tips to Make More Money From Survey Sites?

  1. Join as Many Survey Sites as you can. With that, you can have surveys at all the time available.
  2. Take surveys as soon as possible before they expire.
  3. Be aware of Fake Surveys
  4. Don’t ever pay to join any Survey site
  5. Update your Profile on Regular Basic as you can receive many surveys related to you and you can decrease the screenouts.
  6. Answer surveys honestly and truly, this is the only way to make more money from survey sites.
  7. Once you reach the minimum redeem amount, redeem the cash immediately. Some Sites may say the amount is expired if you have done too much late to withdraw. You don’t face any kind of such problems if you withdraw every 1 or 3 months. If that is above 6 months, you might lose some amount in 1 or 2 sites.


Survey Sites are one of the best and easy ways to make money online. It is free and doesn’t require any learning curve.

You can just sign up and complete the profile surveys and complete the surveys whenever you receive an mail about the survey. End of the month with all these survey sites, you can be earning Rs 20,000 per month even. But to work on all these sites, you need to be working around 8 hours daily.

You also have a referral program on many of these sites which pay a percentage of their income throughout the lifetime.  This means if you are getting 20% of his income for referring. If he earns Rs 100, you will get Rs 20 instantly.

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