How to Make Money by Creating Captions or Subtitles

We have seen many videos with the text at the bottom called Captions or Subtitles. Special thanks for them for helping us to watch movies, youtube videos, documentaries etc. Actually, these will also help you to earn money. All you need to do is write captions or subtitles for videos.


How to Make Money by Creating Captions or Subtitles

Just before entering the topic of making money, you need to know the difference between captions and subtitles.

Difference between Captions & Subtitles

Captions are written version for the dialogs you listen in the videos. Captions help to understand clearly even though the clarity of the voice is not clear. In captions, there will be no language translation. English movies and videos will have English captions,  Hindi videos will have Hindi captions.

Whereas Subtitles are translated version for the dialogs. For suppose, you want to watch a Korean series even though you can’t understand the Korean language. Korean captions will not help you, but translated English subtitles will help you to watch the series.

Simply, captions are the text of the same language of the medium. Subtitles are translated text version for the people who can’t understand the language.

How to Making Money from Captions and Subtitles

We know captions and subtitles are helping people to watch videos. But who actually are creating them?

They are captioners and subtitlers, who are making a pretty good amount of money by creating them. And even you can make money from them when you turned out to be a captioner or a subtitler.

It is one kind of transcription job, where you add captions or subtitles for videos. All you need to do is write to them and sync them according to video. It’s kind of a part-time work from home job, which is perfect students, job holders & Perhaps Job Seekers.

You will get paid for video minute. The more minutes of video you added the captions, the more you get paid. Definitely, subtitlers earn more per one video minute than captioners do. Because they need to translate the language of the video and add subtitles to it. But captioners at the same time can complete more video minutes than subtitles do.

Skills needed to become a Captioner or a Subtitler

The first and foremost, you need to know the language and its grammar. If you want to become a subtitler, then you should be knowing both languages, the language of the medium in the video and language which you are adding subtitles.

You should have good typing skills so that your work will be completed on time and also faster.

Patience and good listening skills are also important because some words in the video may not be clear and you should recheck twice and trice to confirm it.

That’s it. If you feel you have them, then you can definitely make some cash here.

Platform to get opportunities as a captioner or subtitler

Similar to every field, you have multiple platforms to make money by creating captions or subtitles. Some pay more, some pay less. Some are famous and some are not. From all of them, stands out for having its advantages.

In Rev, you can choose your own projects. Writing subtitles for videos you don’t like is more like a hell. & Rev is not a bidding system. so there is no worry for a new user to get accepted for every project.

Rev pays more than many other platforms. It has good customer service and also has the freedom to work in your own schedule.

But before all those, you need to pass a test which is really bit harder. & the acceptance rate is also not more. So, you need to keep your 100% effort in the test.

In Rev, despite Captioners and Subtitlers, you can also enroll as a transcriptionist and translator. Transcriptionist basically listens to audio and write what they have heard. There is no need to sync the writing with the audio, all you need to do is converting the audio format into written format.

The translator converts the documents written in one language to another language. Each role has a different application form, different test & different amount of payment.

Range of payment

rev offers 4 roles: Transcriptionist, Captioner, Subtitler & Translator. Each role has a different amount of payments.


Which converts to

Transcriptionist:- Rs27- Rs44 per audio minute

Captioner:- Rs27 – Rs 51 per video minute

Subtitler:- Rs343 – Rs 549 per video minute

Translator:- Rs3 – Rs5 per word 

The payment mentioned here is in video and audio minutes. Now let’s do the math for how much can we earn for one month.

As we are talking about captioners and subtitles, let’s take them


To create captions per one video minute it generally takes 10mins for a beginner.
So, you will be making Rs 27 for 10minutes. 
If 1 video minute takes 10 minutes of work. You can do 6 video minutes in 1 hour. That’s equal to 27*6= Rs 156 for 1 Hour. Looks bit low for now.
And if you are working for 5 hrs a day. Then you can make 156*5= Rs 780 per one day.
Which makes 780*30 = Rs 23,400 per one month. & It only takes 5 hrs of your daily time.


To create subtitles per one video minute, it generally takes 30mins of time. Because you need to translate from 1 language to another.
So, you will be making Rs 343 for 30 minutes.
If 1 video minute takes 30 minutes of work. You can do 2 video minutes in 1 hour. That’s equal to 343*2= Rs 686 for 1 Hour.
And if you are working for 5 hrs a day. Then you can make 686*5= Rs 3,430 per one day.
Which makes 3,430*30 = Rs 1,02,900 per one month. & It only takes 5 hrs of your daily time.

& we are calculating the least amount in the range of pay. & you can definitely decrease the amount considering Holidays and lack of projects. Anyhow, working with Rev makes a lot of money comparing to making part-time jobs. & you will be working from home, in your own free time.

How to get started with Rev

Rev is a place which offers captions, subtitles etc. And they hire freelancers to finish their clients work. So people who want to work with them by creating captions will have to send the job application followed by the test.

You can send your application from freelancers.

Once you are on their freelancer’s page, you can see a list of roles to apply as a freelancer.


Click on the apply now button selecting your desired role.

Then submit your name and email address and start the application process.

Applying for Captioning:-

It is a 6 step process. Remember, this process includes many tests and each and every test is so much important & they will accept your application only if you perform well at all the tests. Tests are basically easy, but you need to take them seriously.

How to Make Money by Creating Captions or Subtitles 11

Step 1:-

You need to enter your net speed and your typing speed manually.
It provides websites to check your net speed and your typing speed. You just need to test and enter the details

Step 2:-

It is Grammer and Writing test.
Which involves 4 tests. The verb form, Word Choice, Sentence Structure & Writing Sample.
All the tests are multiple choice questions.

Step 3:-

Here comes the learning part.
This step teaches you what is captioning & how to do it. It involves 7 sections named Intro to Captioning, Break caption groups at logical pages, Caption Break limits, Speaker labeling, Atmospherics, Pre-existing on-screen test, Accuracy, Grammer & Research, Syncing.
Take time to understand each and every section of the lesson. Ultimately it explains how you need to caption, length, breaks in between etc.

Step 4:-

Rev gives you a special dashboard and editor.
This step explains to you how you can use that dashboard. Once you completed the reading part It asks you to continue to test.

step 5:-

It is the Final test,
They will give you a sample video, You need to add captions to it and sync according to their instructions given before.
If you see many movies and videos with captions, you will almost have an idea of how to create captions which will look great to read.
Next, you need to sync the captions to the video and finally submit the test.

Step 6:-

Submit your work.

Applying for Subtitles:-

The process for applying for subtitles is the same as applying for captions.

You need to convert from English to other languages.
Here are the languages you need to convert and their pay rates:-


Tips to grow as a Captioner or Subtitler

Growing as a captioner or Subtitles is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of process in between to learn. Here are some tips which help you to grow as captioner or subtitler.

  1. Learn typing faster as you could. Try to maintain the mark 70 WPM. For that, there are many online tests and games to increase your typing speed. One of the famous and also recommended by rev is speedonlinetyping. com. & also you should have a clear audio system to listen.
    Try to purchase a good headphone, which makes your work a lot easier and also perfect.
  2. Try reaching other captioners or subtitlers. Twitter & Linked In are good platforms to reach for the captioners and subtitles. Having more contacts with people in your field helps to gain more knowledge and you can also share some hacks which make your work easier.
  3. Take Online courses to learn captioning and subtitler. It’s not a must to go for paid courses, you can select free courses. Learning is the first requirement for growth.

Payment Options

PayPal is the only way for the payment in Rev. And the best thing about Rev is you will be paid every week.

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