9 Best Paying PTC Sites ( Paid-to-Click Sites ) in India 2023

PTC Sites are one of the best ways to earn money from the home without any Investment, any technical skills, or any things to learn. You can start earning money right after signing up into these websites.

These sites offer many ways to earn money. Mostly viewing ads, Completing small tasks & participating in surveys are some of the best ways to earn from them.

You can earn from these PTC sites while watching TV or doing some other work as it doesn’t require your full attention every time.

There are millions of people who are working on these PTC ( paid-to-Click ) Sites and are earning a decent extra income every month. But not every site is a legit site and not everyone is making money with these sites.

That is due to fake ones out there. In fact, there are more fake PTC sites than legit sites. And there are some sites which pay but the payment is too little which don’t worth your time.

So here I have created a list of sites that are legit and the payment from these sites are good enough for the time you spend on them.

So Let’s Dive in


What are Paid to Click ( PTC ) Sites

Before listing the PTC sites. Let me explain to you about what are these PTC sites, why do they pay you for these small tasks and surveys, how much you can earn from the PTC sites, What are the requirements to join and much more to get a clear understanding of what you are going to deal with.

PTC means Paid to click. They are started as a platform to make money by viewing ads and clicking on them. As you are interacting with their products, advertisers pay these PTC sites.

Because of that advertisers can make their business and products famous. So they pay money to these sites and these sites pay a portion to us for viewing, clicking and interacting with these ads. So this is a win-win situation for everyone.

Later these sites started paying extra for registering in those advertiser’s sites and they are also conducting surveys to know what people need. So advertisers can implement in their business and make more. With that people are also making more from these PTC sites.

Eventually, some sites also offered small tasks, these are kind of mini-jobs. These are like filling forums, checking employee details or copying & pasting data, etc. Needless to say, these are easy tasks and they also give you a clear understanding of what your work is.

In short, these sites are a platform between advertisers and people. People earn money from them, advertisers make their businesses famous and offer some work to people. And these sites also get paid in between.

Things to know before joining PTC sites.

  1. There are thousands or even more Fake sites on the Internet. They don’t have any relating with advertisers nor they pay to you. They serve you some ads and they get paid for your work and don’t pay you at the last. So don’t believe all the sites. Anyhow there is no loss for you as these sites are totally free.
  2. Coming to that, some sites ask you to pay money to start earning with them. Never pay them, I repeat never pay them. Those sites are fake and none of the legit sites will ask money to join. They get paid from advertisers, not you.
  3. Don’t use Ad-blockers to earn money from PTC sites. As PTC Sites are a platform to view ads and earn money, ad-blockers block your earnings too.
  4. Don’t create multiple fake accounts to earn money. As they want honest opinions from you in surveys, creating fake accounts don’t help them to get perfect data. So these sites will block you for such activities. Don’t use any VPN’s, accounts using VPN’s will get blocked too. It is a sign to them that you are faking.
  5. Never believe any claims on the internet like they are earning thousands and thousands of dollars every month from these sites. You don’t get paid like that, you may be earning $10 – $50 from each site every month for working 15 – 30 mins every day. Which is equal to Rs 700 to Rs 3,500 from each site.

But for the time and work you are investing in these sites, it is a pretty good amount.

I am not saying everyone is faking about their earnings, they are true, but they are earning from referring. They are investing in websites or YouTube channels, promoting them and making many people join with their referral link. They are working as a full-time job with these websites. So they can earn such amount. But for a normal people who just want to work for some time every day, it is too much to expect.

Requirements to Join PTC Sites

Requirements to join these sites are just the minor and most basic once. But they are a must & should.

  1. Obviously, you need a PC or Laptop. You can also use Mobile Phone, but things go quite good when you use PC as some advertisers prefer PC over mobile. Anyhow, that soo rare, you can absolutely continue with your phone.
  2. E-Mail Account to login in.
  3. A Bank account to receive money. You can start earning without the bank account, but it is a must when you want to withdraw money.
  4. Online Wallets like PayPal, Payza. As most of these sites are international, most don’t offer Paytm, PhonePe, etc. But you can create accounts in them within minutes. So no worries.
  5. You also need a PAN card to create an account in PayPal like services. Anyhow, you don’t need a bank account, Paypal account, and PAN Card right away, you can apply later while withdrawing the money from these sites.

Best PTC Sites in India

A small disclaimer, You cannot entirely depend on these PTC sites to earn money. You may earn a $10 – $50 from these sites but cannot entirely depend on them.  Don’t believe any claims that anyone earning thousands and thousands of dollars from these sites. But if you looking for some extra cash or some extra pocket money, these sites are one of the best ways for you.

As said, there are thousands of Fake PTC Sites online. But among all of them, These are undoubtedly the best sites for you to start earning.

1. ySense ( Previously Known as ClixSense )

ySense is undoubtedly the best PTC website. If you are willing to make money from PTC sites, this should be the first site you should log in.

This is the site which most people recommend and most of them recommend it as the first option.


There are many ways to earn and the amount you can earn is more than many other PTC Sites. The user interface is clean, and the payment process is simple and fast.

Wanna make money from PTC sites, Yeah here is my #1 recommendation:- ySense.

This website is paying for 13 years and has a big market in the field. They have given out more than $37,367,130 to its users.

Offers & rewards

In ySense, you can earn in 4 ways.

1. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys, as said above will be conducted by companies and by seeing your opinions, they decide about their next products, services, etc. You can participate in them and start earning.

But you need to activate them first. This means nothing but you need to complete the profile survey which asks your basic information like age, gender, education, job, salary, marital status, etc. These details will be useful to provide you surveys which will be related to you.

Once you completed the profile survey, you start getting surveys, you can complete them and start earning. At this time, you get only a few surveys as ySense doesn’t know much about you. You need to complete the surveys given to you. So that slowly ySense can get data about your interests and preferences. And you get a lot of surveys.

The more it knows, the more surveys you can get from the ySense. It’s because it cant send a survey which is not related to you. As you don’t really have an interest in that, your opinion will not be helpful to them.

But if you think, it is really the best way as you get only the surveys which are related to you & you don’t feel irritated with surveys which don’t matter to you.

After a few days, you get 6 – 15 surveys per each day and each survey pay you $0.1 to $ 4.

2. Tasks

On the tasks tab, there will be small tasks like copying and pasting, checking employ data, etc. You can complete such small tasks and earn money. Your work will be helpful to companies and they will pay you according to the task. ‘

You will get paid from $0.01 to $4 on average. There are good chances that if the task is bigger, you may get a still higher amount. Needless to say, these are simple tasks and there will be good instructions for you about the task.

As said you can think these as mini-jobs.

3. Offers

Offers are nothing but paying for registering, downloading, installing, etc.

There will be some websites, apps, games etc and if you download them and install, you will get paid for that. You can see the amount before downloading. So you can download the once which are higher and get paid easily by downloading or registering with your details.

On the offers page, you can also find some surveys, some tasks, etc.

If you ask me, I will advise you to just rely on surveys and tasks, these offers are a bit waste of time.

4. Referral Program

ySense has the best referral program where it pays $0.10 to $0.30 per each referral. Don’t worry, it’s less but this not the only thing you can earn from referring.

Once the referral friend earned $5 from the site, you will get $2 instantly. But the best part of referral program is still waiting.

Every time, your referral friend earn something, you earns 20% of his income. If you have referred this to 5 friends, you will get 20% of all of them which makes double the money which you will be earning.


How Much you can earn from ySense

Without any referral program, you can up to $50 from ySense each month. But as said, if you referred the site, the amount you earn will become more and more. By referring to 5 people, it becomes nearly $100 as it pays 20% of your referral friend’s income. And if you have referred another 5, it adds another $50.

I think you got the point. The earning potential from ySense is unlimited. But on a regular basis you can earn up to $50 which is equal to Rs 3,500 per month. And by just spending around 15 – 30 mins each day.

Payment Option & Minimum Withdraw Amount

The minimum withdraw amount from the ySense app is $10. And you can withdraw through PayPal.

There are also other Payment options like Skill and Stream.

2. NeoBux

NeoBux is also one of the top-earning PTC sites and it is started in 2008 and have been the trusted website from then.

Many say their #1 recommendation is NeoBux, but as I am making more on ySense, my biased nature kept ySense in the first place. But on comparition, both are good in their own terms.

1 thing NeoBux completely did it right than ySense is, you can make money by viewing advertisements which makes them PTC sites at the first place. But none the less, there are many other ways to earn on ySense too.

Offers & Rewards

Similarly, NeoBux also has many ways to earn just like the ySense.

Anyhow, starting with the most important one among the all.

1. Viewing Advertisements

Viewing ads is obviously the main purpose of these PTC sites.

All you need is to click and open the ad and once it loads, the money will be instantly credited to your NeoBux account. And you can close the ad.

And per each ad, you can earn $0.001. By viewing 10 ads you can earn on average of Rs 1. Seems soo low right?


Within a minute, you can watch 10 -`15 ads. And there are many ads on NeoBux. As you only take a minute to view 10 ads, it’s just fair enough. You are earning Rs 1 per minute.

But remember the ads r limited.

Sometimes you may have 100+ ads. Sometimes there will be below 10 ads. But just spending a minute or two, you can be earning a lot at the end of the month.

2. Mini Jobs

Remember the tasks section in the ySense. Yeah, its called mini-jobs in NeoBux.

I thing NeoBux gave it a better name comparing to the ySense. Anyhow, you have a lot of tasks here to complete. The tasks are like copy and pasting works, form filling work, data entry works, etc.

As you complete the job, you can earn money. Each task pays your various amount. so there is no fixed amount to say.

But on average, you get paid $0.01 to $4. Needless to say, these tasks are simple and there will detail instructions given to you. Your small tasks will be helpful for the companies and pay you instantly once the task is completed.

3. Surveys

Surveys are mostly found on many PTC sites. Being one among the best, NeoBux has many surveys for you to earn money.

But here is the holdback. NeoBuz doesn’t offer surveys directly, you will get redirected to the famous Survey panels and you can earn right there. The money will not be added into the NeoBux most probably. But as a panel where you can find many surveys, I count it as ok.

Anyhow, there are 10’s of surveys for you to complete here and earn money. You can even call them 100’s as it is not showing you surveys, it showing you survey panels.


4. Games

It’s simple. Play games & earn Money.

There are many games like card games, puzzle games, etc and you need to play those for at least 2 mins and you will get $0.001 for playing. And you should quiz the game after 2 mins, you should either win the game or lose it.

So you only get paid if you played more than 2 mins and completed the game normally.

I personally don’t feel this is a good method to earn. So better neglect games if you want to make money. It is soo much time-wasting…

If you are interested to make money by playing games, Check out these apps to earn money by playing. They pay a lot better comparingly…

5. Referral program

Neobux has one of the best referral programs and also has another bizarre referral program.

Yes, NeoBux has 2 referral programs.

Let me start with the Bizarre one. This is the paid one, you need to rent referrals per month and you get paid for their performance. It’s hard to maintain them and you need to invest in it which may get profit or not. And you need to renew those rentals every month. You can buy rentals directly on the website. Believe me, its not a great way to get referrals. And I don’t personally recommend you to rent the referrals.

The best referral program in NeoBux is you get direct referrals by sending your referral links to people and when they join you get a referral bonus. And whenever your referral friend earns you earn a 25% of his earnings.

Which makes once you referred 4 active referrals, your earnings get double as you earn and your referrals also earn for you. And you will be getting this income for the lifetime. So I advise you to concentrate on referring.

How much we can earn from NeoBux

Without referring, I am able to make around $30 per month. But I was spending only 10 -15 mins a day. There is definitely a chance to earn a bit more than that.

But anyhow you have a great referral program to make your earnings double and triple. It all depends on how many people you can refer.

Promote your referral links on Online Forums, so that you can get few referrals. Even a 1 active referral makes a lot of money for you. It’s definitely hard, but none the less you can try.

Payment Options & Minimum Withdraw Amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount is just $2. Which is less compared to many other sites. And you can withdraw from PayPal.

3. PaidVerts

As the name says it pays for Viewing Advertisements.

It has started in 2013 and has been a good reliable source to make money by viewing ads from then. I just don’t wanna compare with NeoBux or ySense, but it is one of the best PTC sites as much as making money from viewing ads is concerned.

Offers & rewards

As a normal PTC site, you get a lot of good ways to earn from PaidVerts too.

1. Paid Ads & Click Grid

Keep the Click Grid aside, Paid ads means viewing ads and earning money. I should say right away that the money you can earn from each ad is too low as $0.0001. You may get Re 1 for viewing around 50 -70 ads. And it takes 5+ secs to view one ad and earn money. The only best thing is you don’t need to come back and go to another ad. You can just click next and wait for 5 secs to get the money into wallet. And continue this process.

But, here is the plus point. You will also get a bonus Ads Points ( BAP ). Once you reached 100 BAP points, you will get a more premium ad which pays a lot. And once your reached 500,1000 & 10,000, the amount per ads will drastically increase.

Once you reached 100 BAP, you can earn Re 1 per 1 minute and everything makes a lot more sense to spend time on it.

Click Grid is nothing but an image with Grids, you need to spend your BAP to select one Grid. And there will be money only in one Grid but a huge amount.

You get 20 chances and you need to select from 100 grids. If you have selected the Grid which you can earn money, you will get the huge cash or you lose your BAP.

I don’t personally suggest luck-based earnings but as BAP can be earned easily, you may try it your own.

2. Cash Offers, PTC Walls & Games

cash Offers are kind of surveys and PTC walls has some surveys, tasks to complete, register and earning kind of earnings.

And there are games which I personally don’t recommend to earn from as they take a lot of time. Check out these apps to earn from Playing Games in case you want.

You can definitely earn with these. But the paid part of PaidVerts is earning money from viewing ads.

How much you can earn from PaidVerts

You can earn around $10 – $20 per month. And there is no referral program in the PaidVerts.

Payment Options and Minimum Withdraw Amount

There are a lot of options to withdraw but sadly PayPal is not present. Anyhow, you can use famous services like Payza, Payeer, etc. Most of these PTC sites don’t offer Paytm kind of Indian Payment Services. So you should just create an account with these wallet accounts.

4. Scarlet-Clicks

Same like PaidVerts, Scarlet-Clicks mostly pays based on viewing ads and the remaining all are just side earnings which can help to increase the earnings a bit.

I don’t compare any other sites with what ySense and NeoBux offers, but if you are looking for some more PTC sites as you just need another 10 mins daily to earn. I suggest you try Scarlet-Clicks.

It shares many things common with PaidVerts starting from the amount for viewing each ad to withdrawing.

Offers & rewards

As a normal PTC site, you get a lot of good ways to earn from Scarlet-Clicks too.

1. View Ads

There are many ads every day to view in the Scarlet-clicks and you earn $0.0001 to $0.01 per each ad.

Yeh comparing to previous sites, its quite low. But there are many ads and it just takes a few minutes every day. I can say it will add you to the end of the month to collect. You can withdraw the cash whenever you want, but I normally wait for at least a month., So that I can collect more at once which can be helpful.

The only downside comparing it to PaidVerts is after viewing the ad, you need to go back and select another ad to view. Whereas in PaidVerts you can just click on next and next ad appears. It may don’t sound like a big problem but it saves a lot of time and its just easy to view like that.


2. Earn Money

And there is another option called Earn Money which offers many ways to earn money like Scarlet Grid, PTC Walls, Offers 4 all, Minute Staff, Medium Path, Kiwi wall, Wannads, Adpacks.

Scarlet Grid is just similar to click Grid in PaidVerts. The only difference is this is totally free. Click on 20 Grids every day and win $1 if you have selected the right Grid. As you don’t need to pay, this is something you need to definitely try every day.

PTC Walls has some surveys and sites to register and earn. In the Offers for all section, you can find some 3rd party PTC sites, sites to earn money by doing small tasks, etc. And that continues with Medium Path, Minute Staff, Kiwi Wall & Wannads. They are separated as different options as they are 3rd party earnings.

3. Referral Program

Scarlet-Clicks also has a good referral program where you can refer and joins your friends and earn 25 cents for each friend which is Rs 17 for each friend.

And you can also get extra prices for referring in referring contest by selecting in a lucky draw for all referred people. referring more people to increase your chances of winning.

How much you can earn from Scarlet-Clicks

On average, you can earn around $10 per month without including the referral program which is Rs 700. As referral program is unlimited, it depends on how many people you are referring. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Payments Options and Minimum Withdraw Amount

Minimum Withdraw amount is $2 and you can withdraw using Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the famous sites to earn money. Most people don’t recognize it as a PTC site as it don’t pay for Viewing ads, instead, it pays for completing tasks, surveys, downloading apps etc.

Though it may not pay for viewing ads but we have many ways here to earn by just clicking which justifies the name Paid-to-click ( PTC ) sites.

I recommend Swagbucks more than PaidVerts & Scarlet-Clicks.

Offers & Rewards

There are not 4 or 5 ways, there are almost 15 ways you can make money from Swagbucks. I gonna show you 3 best ways which are related to PTC style of earning.

You don’t get cash directly, you get Swag Bucks. later you need to convert them into Money. For 100 SB, you get $1.

1. Participating in Surveys

Surveys are the main type of earning in Swagbucks. You get 4 -5 surveys every day and each survey will be around 4 – 20 mins. You get paid more for longer surveys.

Normally you get 40 -120 SB for each survey.

You can install the app on your phone & complete surveys from there too.

2. Searching The Web

Yes, you can just earn SB’s just by searching the web. There is a search bar at the top of the Swagbucks website. You can search there and get results for what you want just like Google. The only difference is, this search Engine is powered by Yahoo.

Yeah, Yahoo is not as good as Google, but it not bad too. Moreover, it just pays you money for searching.

It doesn’t pay for every search, and the SB it pays you depends on the query you searched. You don’t need to especially for it, but when you want you can just search here.

3. Swagcode

There is an option called Swagcode, where you just need to enter the codes and you will get instant  SB to your Swagbuck’s wallet.

To get codes, you need to follow Swagbucks official Social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also follow their blog, where they will upload Swag codes.

Or you can install Swagbucks Extension, you get instant 50SB after installing Swagbucks extension and you get notifications about their Swagcodes, so you can visit the Swagbucks website and fill the Swagcode.

SB for each Swagcode will be different, you may get just 1 SB or you can even get 10,000+ SB at a time.

4. Referral Program

referral program is one of the best ways to earn SB in Swagbucks. After referring you get instant 300SB.  And you also get 10% of his income throughout the lifetime.

You also get a bonus 100Sb if he installs Swagbucks extension.

How much you can earn from Swagbucks?

You can earn around Rs 2,000 every month by spending a 15 mins every day on Swagbucks.

You can refer the site to your friends and earn extra income every month. The more you refer the more you earn.

Payment Options and Minimum Withdraw Amount

You can withdraw the Payments using PayPal & the Minimum Withdraw Amount is $25 which is around Rs 1,700. You can say that this site offers more when the withdrawn amount is soo high.


6. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is one of the awesome Survey Site.

Both Swagbucks and Prize Rebel is not a paid to click sites at basic, but the work you do on these sites are similar to PTC sites & the amount you can earn from these sites are quite high. So I want to include here for your better earnings every month.

Offers & Rewards

The main focus of this site mainly surveys.

1. Completing Daily Surveys Surveys

Need to say that I am shocked seeing the amount given for each survey. You get points for completing surveys and 1000 points are equal to $10 which is Rs 700.

For completing the survey, you get from 50 – 200 points. Mostly you get from 50 -100 points. So bu completing just 10 surveys you can make upto Rs 700 in Prize rebel.

Each survey takes from 10 mins to 20 mins. And there will only 1 or 2 surveys every day in daily surveys. And you can earn around Rs 2,000 every month just from these daily surveys which you need to spend around 15 mins for 1 survey.


2. Your Surveys, Peanut Labs, Say So Surveys – Third Party Surveys

You can also find these third party survey panels where you can complete the surveys and earn too. But they don’t pay quite high as Daily surveys of Prize Rebel.

But if you wanna make extra money from Prize Rebel you have the option with these sites.

3. Offers Wall

Offer Walls has options such as making money from downloading apps & performing small tasks, etc. There are also third-party options you have on the Prize Rebel.

The amount you get is also not great but helps to earn some extra cash.

4. Referral Program

Undoubtedly, Referring will be one of the best ways to earn money and it is the same with Prize Rebel too.

You get 15% of referral earnings throughout the lifetime. If he earned $30 this month. You will get $4.5 just as a bonus for joining him. You get that kind of amount every time whenever he earns.

How much you can earn from Prize Rebel

Without calculating any referral programs, you can earn around $30. I normally do only daily surveys and leave all the remaining behind. So I was earning around 100 points every day from daily surveys, which brings $10 when it reaches 1000 points for 10 days.

After 30 days, I am earning about $30 a month from Prize rebel.

And as usual, you will get paid even higher when you refer people as you get 15% of their earnings.

Payment Options & Minimum Withdraw Amount

You can withdraw the amount from Paypal and the minimum withdraw amount is $10.

As 1,000 points are equal to $10 in Prize rebel. You just need to complete an average of 10 Surveys to withdraw the amount.

Other Best PTC Sites You can also try…

These are no way means not so good sites. These are just the sites I started recently and withdrawn the money. I found these are very good sites to earn in a few weeks or days even.

On some sites, I have a few issues like not having PayPal as a payment system. Apart from that, there are no major issues to earn from these sites.

7. GPT Planet

GPT Planet is the same as PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.

You view ads, you get paid around $0.0001 and it will increase slowly over time and there is also a GPT grid where you need to select 20 Grids from 100 and if there is that 1 lucky grid you will earn $1 instantly.

The minimum payout is just $1 and you can pay through Solid Trust Pay, Skrill, Neteller. There is no PayPal Option which is a big minus for the GPT Planet.


Other than that, it is entirely similar to PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $5

Refer & Earn:- No Referral Program 

Payment Options:- Solid Trust Pay, Skrill, Neteller

8. Offer Nation

Offer Nation is another GPT ( Get Paid To ) Site like Swagbucks and Prize Rebel.

You have a lot of ways to earn like completing surveys and Viewing Ads, etc. And similarly, you get paid with points and later they will be converted into cash or Gift Cards.

The Minimum Redeem Amount is $1.


Everything with Offer Nation is great, the only problem is that you don’t get paid as high as Swagbucks or Prize Rebel. This is nowhere low, you can get around $10 per month but as there are just better options. I first recommend them than Offer Nation.

Moreover, Swagbucks and Prize Rebel is famous comparing to Offer Nation

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $10 

Refer & Earn:- Get 25% of his earnings for life time. 

Payment Options:- PayPal, Skrill, BitCoin

9. Ojooo Wad

Ojooo Wad is undoubted a great PTC site. I have used it for around 20 days. Its a far less comparing to other sites in this which I have been using from 2 – 3 months. And I have been using Swagbucks and ySense for more than 7 months for now.

But in this minimum time, Ojooo Wad caught my attention that the payment in this site is good enough. In fact it more than PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.

Same as many PTC sites here, Ojooo Wad also pays for viewing ads and there are also other offers like Flip the Coin, Ojooo Wad Grid, & other third party offers.

But it holds me back at one place, which is Payment options.

You can only withdraw with Giftcards of Amazon

Estimated Earnings per Month:- $10 

Refer & Earn:- Get 30% of his life time income. 

Payment Options:- GiftCards


Earning Money from PTC Sites are great ways to earn some side income or some pocket money if you are a student. With the help of all the above sites, you can make up to Rs 10,000 every month by working around 2 – 3 hours a day.

You don’t need any kind of training, there is no-investment, You can just sit in your home and work whenever you are free, You can even work when you are watching TV, Travelling on Bus, etc.

All you need to do is view some ads, say your opinions and your details on Surveys & refer others.

Even though you don’t have that much time, I recommend you to give more importance to ySense, Swagbucks & Prize Rebel.

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