The Panel Station Referral Code – Complete Surveys & Earn cash

Among all the apps to earn Paytm cash, I can say that Panel station is undoubtedly one of the best apps out there. Because it pays good amount of rewards and you don’t need to plan & work on it to make money.

It is a survey app that pays you for completing the surveys in it. It’s more like it pays you for saying your views & opinions. The best part about earning through surveys is you can just work on it while watching TV, traveling in a bus, etc in your free time. All you need to do is spent a few minutes in a week saying your opinions & you will be making a good amount by the end of the month.

The panel station has an app for both the android and ios users. You can also complete surveys from their website:-

The Panel Station Referral Code

Surveys in The panel Station

Each Survey takes around 3 -1 5 minutes of time and you will get paid around 100 – 5000 points for each survey.

Yes, Panel Station has a points system where 100 points are equal to Rs 10. So by completing each survey you can earn from Rs 10 – Rs 500. It’s a big margin, but it pays according to the time and complexity of the survey.

And you can get 2 – 4 surveys in a week. You will receive an e-mail every time there is a survey for you. You can just click on the e-mail and spend around 10 mins to earn from Rs 10 – Rs 500. But on average, most surveys may you 500 points which Rs 50.

And you can start earning coins from the signup.

Getting Started with The panel Station

  1. First, go to their website:- and register. ( You can only register on the website )
  2. Fill the form with all your details like E-mail, name, date of birth, gender, etc.
  3. Enter the Phone Number in the form and click verify.
  4. It will send an OTP to your phone.
  5. Apply referral Code  to get 500 coins as a sign-up bonus.
  6. Enter the OTP & click Verify.
  7. After verification, you can close the pop-up & click Join Us.

In- Case, it says we are sorry.

Don’t worry, again click on the link and fill the details just like above, but change the DOB & City. Don’t select popular city, select some small one & also show that you have around 20 -40 years of age.

If it still doesn’t work, change trying your name and gender to female. This app has a serious bug while sighing up, but as the company has many people who are already on the app, they are not concentrating on the new users.

But trying up with above tricks may work most of the time.

After signing up, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store & Login.

After logging in, click on My Profile & fill the profile surveys. Once you completed the profile surveys, you will get 500 coins. The profile surveys will be useful for panel station to send surveys relating to you.

By now, you will have 1000 coins, 500 for signup & 500 for completing profile surveys. Which is equal to Rs 100.

Refer & Earn from The Panel Station

  1. Click on the down menu icon and select Invite.
  2. Then click on the “Invite your friends” button and share the app with your friends.
  3. You can earn 500 coins for each referral. which is Rs 50.
  4. But make sure that your friend uses your referral code while signing up.
  5. Your friend also earns 500 coins as a signup bonus.

Redeem Your cash from The Panel Station

You can withdraw your cash into Paytm, Flipkart vouchers, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, etc. You can redeem your cash once you reached 3000 points which is easy compared to the amount you get from each survey.

You can redeem either 3000 points, 5000 points or 8000 points.

  1. Click on menu icon on the bottom & Select My Rewards.
  2. Then Select Redeem.
  3. Then select 3000 points or 5000 points or 8000 points according to your wallet.
  4. Now select the platform you wish to receive the cash.
  5. And click on submit.
  6. The money will be credited with 3 – 8 weeks. Means it takes around 2 months to process the payment.


Sweepstakes are like the lottery.

You can redeem through points into sweepstakes & you get 1 sweepstake for 500 coins & it will have a number on it just like the lottery ticket. Panel Station conducts a monthly draw & 1st and 2nd Prizes are Rs.20,000 & Rs.10,000 Amazon Gift Cards respectively.

Quarterly Draw:
The quarterly draw will have one winner who would receive 20000 INR and five consolation winners who would receive 7000 INR each. The winners for this draw would be picked on a global level every three months.

Many people before reaching 3000 coins invest their coins into sweepstakes and loose their coins. My better suggestion is to avoid them. Anyhow, some surveys which your got screened out pays you sweepstakes. Screening out means, if you are answering a survey and after a few questions, if the survey says that you are not eligible for the survey and closes, it is called screening out. You don’t see them much, but if you got screened out, you will get paid with sweepstakes.

Proof Of Earning


Undoubtedly Panel Station is one of the best apps to make money. And one of the best survey sites available. It has a problem with sigh up process, but once you passed that you can earn a lot by spending a few minutes.

Though the amount you can earn from the sweepstakes is huge, but I suggest you avoid them as you lose Rs 50 per one sweepstake and there is so less percent of chance to win in sweepstakes, not even 1 percent.

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