Make Money with Photoshop & Photo Editing Skills

I see photoshop as not a software but a skill of editing photos, graphics, logos, etc. It is being the master in this field of editing from many years. And if you are the one who is good at this skill, then there is no doubt for you to make money from it.

One of my friends is a Photoshop freak, though he is not a master, he is good enough to do some work on it. He wanted to make money from his favorite skill so that he can quit his job. Moreover, he wanted to just work from home with Photoshop. He had 4 – 5 ideas to earn from photoshop, so he started Googling them to learn where to start and for some tips.

But there are many ways and opportunities for him to make money with photoshop, that he cant able to choose 1 among them and started doing everything. He had tried almost every kind of way to make money with Photoshop which he found online & also tried many ways which are nowhere to be found.

Even now, he has not chosen any particular way, but have mastered in earning from photoshop in all aspects. He said to me about all the works he has been doing from years and also explained which is best and which is not. With 4 hours of massive discussion, I have grabbed as many details as I can and here are some the best ways he mostly suggested.


12 Ways to Make Money with Photoshop & Photo Editing Skills

This list is not based on any ranking system, just including the once first which he mostly do all the time. Starting with

1. Make Posters for Short Films

People are making many short films year after year and the number is increasing. many people are getting their hands on cameras or even phones cameras are good enough these days.

Most of these filmmakers release some poster of their work on Social Media for promoting and engaging. Even the makers who are making a short film for the first time are interested in promoting and making posters is a good way to keep people engaged and to know about their film. You can absolutely use this opportunity as there are many people who are interested in shooting short films. You can be in touch with these contacts and help them whenever they are making the film.

Most of these makers also ask for a logo for their film and you can do that too.

2. Work With Web Designers

Designing is a big part of creating websites, they need UI designing, photos, logos, etc. For that, photo skills are so important. So many web developers buy the designed pics from online to use, some hire freelancers to do the work.

You can either sell your pics on the online or you can sign up into any freelancer website and start working as a freelancer.

Over a period of time, you get repeat customers and also recommendations from many people. As web developers & even bloggers will always have something to do with design, you can always keep in touch with your customers.

3. Printing On Demand

Have you seen Mugs, T-shirts, Phone Cases where you can print your own design on them? Most people normally print photos on them and gift it to their friends and family.

There are some websites where they allow you to upload the designs so that people can buy them. And they will pay back your part for designing depending no of sales the product got.

Normally designs will be some kind of art, any quote or some meme on it. And T-shirt designing is the most famous of them all.

Zazzle, Souled Store, dream Store, Tee Spring are some good sites to start making money from printing on design.

4. Create Document templates

You may have already seen templates online for different kind of documents such as letters, Invoice, Mail, Resume, Report, Project Proposal, Recipe, etc. These are here to make our work easier. So that we don’t need to make when we want, we can just grab some template and edit it.

Being a designer, you can create different templates and upload in Templamatic, Buy Stock Design, etc.

These websites are selling places for your designed templates, there are millions of visitors every month to these sites. The number of sales you get, the much you will earn.

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5. Become a Freelancer

Freelance websites help to make money with any kind of skill you have. Photoshop is not an exception to it. Most freelance websites offer bidding system. People who are in neep for work will post and you can bid on them with your price.

You need to price them strategically so that he can offer you the work. All you need to do is complete the work and get paid. All the payment details will be taken care of freelance websites.

Freelancer and Upwork are great freelance websites for you to start.

6. Greeting Card Store

For Birthdays, Festivals, New Years, Wedding Days, etc, some people wish through Greeting Cards. This is definitely something I don’t believe still happening.

But my friend who is making money through Flipkart for years claims it still has a good enough market.

7. Sell your Photo Presets & LUTS

Presets help people to edit their pics on Photoshop without having good knowledge on it or experience. Most people use them to make their work faster etc.

You can edit them and create a preset for them and sell on online, the people who are in need will buy. The more number of people downloaded your Preset, the more you make money.

The plus point is, you work only one time but you can get the benefit for years. The downside is, there are many people who are already doing it, so you need to make a more complicated, beautiful and the one which no one made before. It’s hard, you need to be too good at photoshop for it.

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8. Teach your skills to others

Whatever the Skill you have, you can use that to make money.

You can join as a lecturer in computer classes and can teach photoshop. The payment normally depends on the course point and number of people in the class. Anyhow, you can expect somewhere at Rs 15,000 per month.

9. Create Tutorials for Photoshop

Creating tutorials is also a kind of teaching your skills but in an online content format. You can write tutorials, or make videos explaining. is an amazing place to sell your tutorials, or you can even use YouTube by creating your own channel. To write tutorials, I suggest creating your own website, as there are a lot of ways to earn from your website.