2 Best Ways to Make Money by Selling DIY Crafts

DIY is an art of doing something ourselves which professionals need to do. DIY Projects are mostly time & budget-friendly, & can be done by anyone at their own place.

On simple words, DIY means doing it yourself in an easy way.

Many people convert their interest in making things themselves into a platform to earn money as their main source of income. Some even make 6 figure income with the help of DIY.

So you can say that DIY can be called as one of the great skills and one of the best way to make money.

Even if you are totally new to this DIY thing, you can learn it with a bit of interest and creativity. You can find many online tutorials on websites and Youtube videos which can be soo useful to you.

2 best ways to make money from DIY

You can definitely find many ways to make money with DIY skills but everything will be boiled down to 2 ways mainly.

1. Creating and Selling

DIY itself means creating, & selling your DIY products is a great way undoubtedly. Whether you may be selling online by the website or Social or media or you started a small business in your area.

Whatsapp, Telegram & Instagram are good places to start the DIY products selling the business.

You can get in contact with customers on Whatsapp and promote your products on Instagram. If your DIY products are some big enough, you can send them across cities using services like Ekart.

2. Creating tutorials on How to make DIY Products.

For any kind of skill, teaching others is one of the best ways to make money from it. And for DIY Products you can create a website or a YouTube channel.

If you had a good experience in the DIY field, Udemy, SkillShare are the best platform to create video tutorials, you normally have more chances to make money on these platforms than YouTube. As these are paid sites, people need to spend money to get your content. So you should be able to give them more in-depth and useful info as they expect more from you.

16 DIY Crafts to make and sell

These are just a few of DIY projects which help you to start making money. Apart from these crafts, there are lots of them. DIY is like an art and there is no limit for your creativity. & there are no limits to making DIY products.

1. DIY Key chains

Key chains are some easy and best DIY product to start your career. All they expect is some good design with quality. There are no limitations for material selection when it comes to keychains, you can use everything from cloth to wood.

Some make Keychains like useful products like small pouches where you can store earphones, or some use Sim ejector tool in them so that it will be always handy. Your Idea, your creativity, and the quality combined can make a great product.

check out this article on diys.com for best keychain Ideas:- DIY Keychain Ideas


2. Wind Chimes

People use Wind Chimes to decorate the house and some chimes also make pleasant sounds which will be good to hear. As their main purpose is for decorating the home, they should be more artistic and also simple at the same time.

You can create them with a different kind of materials starting from pens to metal crap. As they are for the decoration, making their colour similar to customers house colour. Somethings like those will be soo much helpful and make your customer satisfied with your product.

Check out this article on craftboard.app for good Wind Chimes:- Best Wind Chimes


3. Gift Materials for BoyFriends / GirlFriends

Most DIY products are used as gift materials & mostly for Boyfriends & Girlfriends.

& There are a lot of products which can be given as a gift using DIY. You can add these products to your list when saying to customers. You don’t regret, there will be a good market for gift materials in DIY than any DIY product.

If I have to give a suggestion, gift products are the best way to get many customers to sell your DIY products.

Check out some ideas in this article from ideastand.com:- Gift materials for BoyFriends


4. Jewelry

Jewelry is another famous DIY product which is popular and has a good market for selling. As these DIY jewelry is so cheap, many people use it for 2 – 3 times and leave away.

Looks are the main part of jewelry and quality is another most important one, without anyone in your product will not make a good product which can sell.

Check out this Buzzfeed post for best DIY Jewelry Ideas.


5. T-Shirt Printing

Printing Tshirts is the most profitable business in the DIY field. Other than getting a shirt with whatever written on it, you can make the shirt according to the customer’s needs, they can use their photos or any quotes of their favorite.

Mostly, these DIY products are used for occasions like Birthdays by writing something like Happy Birthday or something related. These days people are also using these kinds of shirts with fanism for the movies on first days & premier shows. Anyhow, this is a great business for you to start.

This is how you can print on a T-shirt:- How to print on Tshirt


6. DIY Candles art

You might have seen candles in different shapes and different models. Some make candles in Cups made with mud, so make them in a glass jar, & there are candles which in some shaped like animals, etc.

You can get wax or you can get chemicals required and make the candles easily right in your home. You can get details explanation on how to make candles in this article:- Make money by making candles

It explains from where you can start and also shows you the suitable methods to sell Candles.


7. Soaps

Similar to candles, Soaps are also easy to make and also sell.

In some countries, people prefer homemade soaps as they are chemical-free and safe. All you need is some herbs, oils, Clays, Milk Powders, and some colors. You can find many of them in the market.

Check out the full details of how to make natural soaps at home


8. Picture Frames

Picture Frames are too be stylish and beautify and making them with DIY easily is the best thing. First importantly, with DIY we can make cheaply and mostly according to needs.

You can use materials of your choice, you can start from paper or you can even use wood or metal if you want. Paint them and give them the touch the customer needs.

making it as you need is the thing which makes a DIY success. Check out this article for some ideas to make picture frames:- DIY Ideas for Picture frames


9. Hammock Chair

This chair is used to be in our house when I am a child. But later it got ruined by us and we don’t have any later. Now it is hard to find these kinds of chairs. Mostly there is no one who can prepare chairs like this, even though they have done, they normally don’t look cool in today’s houses.

But if you gonna make them and also manage to make cool in our modern world, you can be having a good number of sales.

For Ideas of Hanging chairs:- DIY Hanging Chair Ideas


10. DIY Crowns

Normally these DIY crowns are useful for special occasion days like Birthdays, Wedding Days, etc. These are used to take pictures with them and have fun. So these don’t need to make with good quality materials, you can use Papers or even book covers to make them

11. DIY Clock

DIY clocks can be made so easily, you can find clock materials in the repair markets. You can bring them, get a wooden plank, cut & design it, attach the clock hands to it and give it a final touch with some materials sticking to it.

You need to able to complete them as cheaply as possible and also make them a good alternative to the clocks selling outside.

Ideas for DIY Clocks


12. Rope Bowls

Apart from pottery, bows can be made from Ropes too.

All you need is a strong rope and a good glue. You can take a bowl in the home and trace it. Paint it or make it look coll by added some other stuff to it. These kinds of Rope Bowls are useful to keep in showcases, etc. Though I personally I don’t like it, I have seen many people doing such DIY and selling.


13. Pencil Cups

Pencil cups will be there in homes, offices, hostel rooms, etc where people need to keep pencils and pens.

There are definitely not so many good models available in the market. Of course, they do the main purpose, they can do even better for even cheaper prices. Anyhow, you can take that place to make Pencil cups with art and quality.

As you are making you can keep the usability in the mind and make that pencil cup gets extra features like sharpener involved in it or something which makes it special.

For Pencil Cup ideas:- Ideas for Pencil cup

14. Bags & handbags

Bags and handbags are another highly demanded DIY product.

Though the process is hard and materials are costly and rare to find, you can set things up slowly and start this in your business. Bags and handbags are more of fashion materials for some people. & DIY will be always targetting such people.

Or you can even make some small pouches which can be used to store coins or something. The quality and looks both are extremely important while making Bags. so these are something you can consider after a bit of experience.


15. Phone cases

Phones Cases are another product where people like to get fashion in the stuff. They needed to be qualified to produce the phone and they also needed to look good.

Mostly, you don’t need to start the work from the ground up, you can get the basic plastic cases available, make them even better according your customers needs. Or you can use materials like gum, plaster, Ballon to make a case. It should be like a professional one, it should look coll at the same time it should be strong enough. Overall, your product needed to look like worth for money to the customers.